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Monday, 6 September 2021

Things to do

I have my sisters bigger sewing machine, it does embroidery, my machine is far more basic, I normally do not embellish my sewing, but I have a Christmas project and I am hoping I can do it using this machine and save money, so for now I'm going to practice. 
Our local community centre had a charity book sale on Saturday, there were loads of books, I got 3, all hard backs, one new author for me, each at 50p, Bargains all around. 
 These lovely pots were purchased for herb pots, but our kitchen window sill is not warm enough, so I put these Christmas cactus cuttings in, they should thrive here. My African violet has been here for years, it flowers often, so pretty. 
My 37th book read this year, another good story, it was a slow start, but a delightful warm read, memories of enjoyable times, most of the story set in 1988. I now need to chose my next book, I have a good selection here. 
I still have had no idea what day it is, my brother arrived on Wednesday, hubby's birthday family get together on Thursday, so in my mind they were weekend days. We ate leftover cake on Friday and on Saturday we had the scones, jam and cream, with all the rich food gone, time for some simple meals. 

Friday we had a BBQ, just the 3 of us, a lovely sunny warm day, we also went for a walk to our local castle, my brother now walks most days, rest of the time outside in the garden. I did get an early night, I was very tired, I took my book to bed, but didn't read at all. 

Saturday was a lazy day, my brother left mid morning, he was going to stay with his daughter, hubby was out in the morning, I did manage to get some housework done, then I finished my book and did some knitting, I focused on Molly's  dress, I am now working on the bodice, still in the round until I get to the armholes, I have passed the point I had difficulties with, photo next time.

Sunday started with a lovely blue sky, I had a bit of a lay in, I'm still tired, we had nothing planned, just a day at home, I managed to empty the soil from the cucumber and tomato plant pots, I dug it in around the raspberries with some chicken poo pellets, the pots are cleaned and packed away. I separated my large agapanthus and popped a clump in another section of the garden, I also dug up a young red Robin which was not thriving, planted in the wrong spot. After a general tidy round, I rested in the warm sunshine, later I gave everywhere a good soak. 

Today is our wedding anniversary, 35 years, we lived together for 2 years prior, so 37 years in total, how brilliant it is to meet and love someone for so many years, hopefully with many years to come.


  1. Happy wedding anniversary wishes to you both.

  2. Happy anniversary to you and your hubby, Marlene. It's a big achievement these days to have been together for so long. Enjoy your day xx

  3. Happy Anniversary to both of you. x

  4. Happy Anniversary Wishes to you both.

    All the best Jan

  5. Happy Wedding Anniversary! Hope you have had a great day together, and that you get to spend many more anniversaries together as well.
    We used to have a purple African Violet that flowered most of the year. My husband adored it, and, strangely, it died soon after he passed. I think it must have loved him too.

  6. Belated congratulations, I hope you had a lovely day together. I do like your pots, they're so cute and perfect for a windowsill.



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