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Sunday, 29 August 2021

Planning and potting.

There are bulbs in all the shops, these are from Wilkinson's, I do love their bulbs, great price and most do grow. I have added the cost to my stash spend, these days its more of a garden spend. 
B&Q, firstly I do love Snakeshead Fritillary, I love to have them everywhere, most of these bulbs are for the raised bed, should have a great show in the spring. I'm pleased with the mixture, should be very colourful. 
I got these from Homebargains, at 99p per pack, it's worth a try, again for the raised garden, I did replant some bulbs, but I had forgotten what I had, so these extra ones will balance the area. 
Pansies, Violias and Chrysanthemum's, one box of pansies and 4 of the chrysanthemums are for hubbys front garden, most of these are being planting into bigger small pots for them to grow and improve before they are required for the back garden. Most of these will go into pots around the back garden, I do love the winter colour they bring. 
My friend was using this type of candle in her garden when we visited, we were impressed and got a couple, they smell of lemons and are really good at masking the smell coming from next door, and helping with the flies. We light them and keep them close to us, when outside, we have managed to have a couple BBQ's and not suffer too much. The pots when empty will be used in my greenhouse. 
I am working in the garden today, all the small winter bedding plants are going to be potted up and left for 3-4 weeks to ensure I have stronger plants, hubby will plant his in the pots in the front garden. I am going to remove the cucumber and tomato plants, the green tomatoes will go into brown paper bags and ripen in the next few weeks. I want to put up my folding table so I can store the newly potted plants, they could go outside, but the huge pigeons will trample them.

We had the late afternoon yesterday with daughter SIL and their lovely family, hubby helped daughter dig out her box hedge, it was all dead, we had a lovely takeaway together and watched as the boys went to bed, loads of Molly and George cuddles, Will gave us loads of information about space, he was playing with a Lego space shuttle. We shared a glass of wine later at home without the TV on, it was so peaceful. 

I find it so over whelming at the moment, Covid has haunted us for almost 2 years, we manage to stay safe, but for how long, there are 2 huge festivals locally this weekend, we have shopped and plan to be home bound for at least 2 weeks, it's all we can do. All the reporting of  HVG driver issues, and empty shelves in supermarkets, it will start another panic buying session, more trying times.  Afghanistan is haunting, I can not imagine life as a woman there, after the freedoms of the last years, sadly I don't believe a word the Taliban are saying, they are brutal, we moved from the south west to the south east of England a few years ago, which was hard, can you imagine moving to another country, so very different from yours, and bringing so little with you. The Gulf Coast has another hurricane , after Haiti, it is the hurricane season, our planet is now fighting back, with floods in Europe, wild fires in USA and Australia, mankind has do so much damage to mother earth. 

I'm off to the garden to leave all the bad news and the media frenzy against anyone who they think is wrong or have not done enough, it's sunny and warm outside, I need peaceful time. Hope your holiday weekend is good. 


  1. I'm afraid i live in a bubble as i don't watch the news so know little of what is happening. The only empty shelves I've noticed is where the bin liners are supposed to be, for a few months now they have been very scarce, not noticed any food shortages. It's been lovely here today to and we have spent the afternoon in the garden, I've planted up my violas and pansies today too, hopefully they will give lots of lovely colour as the weather changes, I haven't bought any tulips yet, our local Wilkinson hasn't got any in at the moment.

  2. I haven't noticed food shortages yet on this side of the pond, but they say they could be coming. What I have noticed is rising prices... Crazy.

    After our bit of a holiday (masked of course) we will be sticking pretty darn close to home. Covid cases are rising here once again as well.

    God bless.

  3. What a colourful array of bulbs - your spring garden will be gorgeous!
    So much bad news around the world, I also am wanting to tune it out and seek peace. A garden sounds like the perfect place to me :)

  4. Your garden will be full of colour when spring arrives with all those bulbs. A lovely selection.

  5. I hadn't found any shortages in shops until I went to the small local Co-op where their freezers were sparse and many basics out of stock.

    I'm trying to avoid news at the moment - watching the Paralympics is an antidote to bad news

  6. Your spring garden is going to look wonderful, that is a great selection of bulbs.

    All the best Jan



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