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Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Meanwhile inside

 Mummy got 3 soft pairs of joggers for George, these are great in length, but far too wide for him, he crawls out of them. The top pair is what he is wearing now. I was intending to make his joggers, but I can only get the fabrics online and was not keen to order without knowing the quality.  

They are all finished now, they fit perfectly, maybe just a tiny bit long, but George is growing so quickly. These are from Next and are brilliant quality, and were very easy to adapt to Georges size. I only took in the leg and waist, I did not adjust the band at the foot, that being too small to work with. It was a quick task, the hardest part was unpicking the waist bands at each side.  

I am enjoying knitting this simple design, soon I shall separate the fronts and back for the shaping, it still feels bulky to me, I have already planned my next project, another abandoned one, this time in 4ply. 
I finished this book, the storyline had a quick pace and was easy to follow, the backdrop of the lockdown due to a 'birdflu' virus was uncomfortably close to last year, luckily for us our lockdown was never as harsh or controlled as in the plot.  This being my 35th book read this year. 

I am starting to look at myself, I am very good at sorting the house and garden, but I don't do much myself, I have not purchased many clothes in the past 4 years, I have been trying to wear what I own and donate what I won't wear. My styles have not changed, I have not followed any fashion trends for years, being 'at home' is making me lazy. I try and not wear jeans too often, but I hardly wear a skirt these days, maybe if I am going to meet friends, I do find jeans very comfortable and hard wearing, so they are an easy choice when I have housework or gardening to do, and most days I do something in the garden. 

I have been trying to keep my nails looking better, it is hard when I love getting my hands dirty in the garden and I have weak nails, I have been using coloured nail polish and shaping them myself, my hands do look better for the extra care. Lockdown has changed me, I don't wear much makeup and these days I only pop eye makeup on when I am meeting friends, before I would wear makeup even just going to the shops. I decided last year I would let the grey in my hair come through, for years I did my own highlights, I still own a rubber head cap with loads of holes in, I am pleased I am not as grey as I expected, I do get my haircut every 5 weeks. 

My weight has loss has stalled, I'm still a stone lighter than last year, but I did want to drop another 8 to 10 pounds, for me winter is a better time to lose weight, we hunker down and eat balanced meals more vegetables, Summer is loads of sitting outside with coffee and nibbles. Hubby is not making his wonderful cakes anymore, they were much better than all the biscuits we eat, I'm not blaming him, I am the one who reaches for the treats, and far too many times in the day. 


  1. It's handy that you're able to sew and alter the clothes for George so they're a better fit. I tend to wear the same clothes each day, jeans and a top, I'm not a skirt person anyway and I hate clothes shopping so that suits me.

  2. The new joggers for George look great ...

    All the best Jan

  3. Love the alterations that you made. Just perfect.

    I seem to wear the same things or at least type of thing. I have plans for sewing a couple more pairs of pants and a dress or two for winter wear at church.

    God Bless.

    1. I would love to make more of my clothes, but the cost of the fabric is so expensive, it's far better value to purchase readymade.

  4. Well done for altering the joggers, I dont think I would have known where to start. I could do away with the majority of my clothes I think, I tend to wear the same few things over and over now I'm not at work, I do still like a pamper session though, usually on a sunday.

    1. I knew I did not want to cut the bottom cuff, it was just so tiny to work with.

  5. It is good to take care of yourself, I think we always fall last in that department. I have been going grey for a long time, and I went through years of no make up but last year I decided to try and take better care of myself as well. Just a few strokes of eye make up and mascara, the rest is hidden under a mask. I wear sort dresses at home, mostly because they are as comfortable as pajamas, and leggings at work. They are easy to move in. Stay safe and well done by you with the weight loss, don't be discouraged you will lose more.



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