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Monday, 23 August 2021

Back to order

Everywhere is tidy again, this layout I am finding very pleasing, I am loving being able to see the whole of the greenhouse. The paths are clear and clean, I can get to everything. The pot my sister gifted me is now on the step, it's small and fits lovely, we put the original top to the bird bath infront of the raised bed, it was here before, tucked closer to the fence, it's better moved to where we can see it. 
This path is clear again, I have popped a few things around the composter, I will find a space for a plant anywhere. My cape gooseberry is behind the grass, making a dull corner look really green, the long pot has my primroses in. I do keep a small watering can here, so I can empty the liquid from the composter.
The raised bed does not look much, but most of these plants will come back, I want this bed to look a bit wild, the taller plants are infront of my composter. I hope to have trailing plants along the front to soften the raised bed, I also put back loads of spring bulbs. In the summer months this area is under shade from our Magnolia tree until later afternoon. 
This bed was hard to dig out, the solid clay has been removed and some soil from the raised bed added, the shrubs at the back have some growing to do, I don't want them much higher than the back fence, and not above the chimney pots. I have more space than I expected here, I did cut back my english lavender, which now has loads of new growth. I keep a spade handle in this garden as our robin often sits on it, I came from a very old spade which belonged to my mum, I still have the spade, but when we had to replace the handle, we decided it still had a use. 
Both of us are enjoying this view, the refurbed birdhouse is back up and not so high, we left the post which props it up, which is not necessary, but our cats use it as a scratching post. My long flower tubs infront of the raspberries have given this area loads of colour, the blooms just tumble onto the lawn. 
We had rain overnight Friday/Saturday, but the weekend was unexpectedly dry and Sunday was sunny and warm, always a bonus, but it did mean I had to water the transplanted plants.

George had a sleep over on Saturday, we love to have him, he fell asleep at 5pm, nothing I could do he was tired, so his bedtime was much later, so more play time for us. He slept in on Sunday morning, we woke at 7am, which is a lovely time. George loves the Tellytubbies,  so we watched some whilst eating breakfast, he was jiggling to the music, he is now on his feet and talking his first steps, mummy collected him after lunch. 

Sunday afternoon was out in the garden, it was sunny and warm, we both got on with the few jobs to get everything finished, hubby has a planned trip to our local tip to remove garden waste and stones from the back bed. Our local council has suspended the garden waste collections, which could have been a pain, but most everything goes in our composter, the roots from a couple of bigger shrubs can't be composted and can't be placed in the council bag, so the trip to the tip is needed. 

I have done some sewing and knitting, which I will share with you in my next post, I am also finding time to read, Maggie the book Lockdown by Peter May is great so far. 


  1. We had a few showers on Saturday but it wasn't too bad, Mick still managed to play cricket, and it's unexpectedly warm and sunny today. Your garden is looking lovely, as usual.

  2. I always enjoy seeing your garden, and I LOVE the idea of a spade for the robin and a pole for the cats. It is those little quirky things that make your garden space so adorable :) xx

    1. I do love things in my garden which are different, the pole for cat scratching is a necessity they both love to scratch.

  3. Your garden is looking very good.

    All the best Jan

  4. Your garden is wonderfully planned. So neat and tidy.

    God bless.



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