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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

1st Finish and another WIP

The light is not too good, so I have decided to finish this piece 
 The green squares I am filling with stitches, 
I used this design before and loved it. 
I hope to stitch again tonight.
 Heart by Rovaris, this is the second design I have stitched
 A perfect design
 Simple to stitch
 All very pretty, I will make it up this weekend
 My Amaryllis is getting taller, it is in my office for now, soon I will bring it into the sitting room. 
I have another orchid coming into bloom, so loads of flowers to cheer the place up, every where is so gloomy. 
January is such a harsh month, we go to work in the dark, and have limited light when we get home, being inside for so long each day sends you stir crazy, thank goodness for stitching.
Today more storms and very high winds, with more promised for tonight, and then, we are promised two dry days, can't wait, so very fed up with rain.
Watching the TV, back home on the Somerset Levels, the floods are very bad, our families are safe, but so many homes are flooded. Along one road a car was submerged all you could see was the roof.
My brother Mel has lost part of his house roof, he is staying with brother Martin, until it's all fixed.
Here we are warm and dry, what more can we ask for.
I hope every one is America and Canada are fairing well with the cold and snow, we all have our weather problems, not the best start to 2014.


  1. Your heart project looks beautiful.

  2. The heart piece is really looking very nice. I love the piece with the squares. Very unusual.

  3. Marlene as always your sewing projects are lovely - the heart is gorgeous and looking forward to seeing your other one finished. I am not good with orchids! Your poor brother losing part of the roof - that is our fear with an old house! The weather is certainly not good. Take care and stay safe

  4. That heart looks incredible. And the other project is very unique. I can't wait to see what it looks like finished.

  5. Pretty stitching!

    You are hoping for less rain and we hope for more rain. A compromise in the middle would be great.



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