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Wednesday 19 June 2013

Happy Feet

I have finished both rugs, which I will send off, they should appear on this web site,  pop there if you like dolls house miniatures, Laura had nice items at a good price. I have already started another small project. 
 Dream Sampler is off the frame, I have finished the centre panel, yet again I used my own placement of colour's. I have just two birds to stitch, but I need to mirror image the design so I get it in the correct place.
 This is heading for our bedroom wall, 
most of the colours are in our curtains, so it will fit in well. 
 My big projects I always place on the floor to take photo's, and every time Purdy has to inspect what I am doing, today is dry so she got closer than normal.
 Give away; Sweet Flowers, 
I stitched this last year and it has been in my work box ever since, I really loved stitching it, the design was very different for me, the stitched area is 14" x 9", the whole fabric size is 19" x 17", colours used are grey, green and shades of pink.
 Give away; Romantic Sampler, 
I stitched this two years ago, and it has been in my work box ever since, I really loved stitching it, the design was very different for me, the stitched area is 8" x 8", the whole fabric size is 17" x 15", colours used are pale mustard, shades of pink and purples, this is stitched and a natural colour fabric..
If you would like either of these, please leave a comment at the bottom of this post, remembering to state which one you would like, I am happy to send to any where, but you will have to make it into a finished item. I will be very happy to see them being used and loved.

It was very rewarding to go to our local hospital on Monday and it not be about me, my friend has to wait for her scan results, so soon another visit for support.
My job interview is put off until next week, the lady I am to meet is unwell, but I do have another interview on Friday. I have to go to our local job centre today to sign on, it's an awful place,  our government decided they would not offer me any help, hubby has a good job and our income is just above the threshold, but I have to have signed papers from them to get our mortgage paid, I'm not sure if it is the building or the staff.

I have been home most of this week, the house is very clean and the garden looks good, I have purchased another lean to green house, I now have two, we just have to put it together, it's just like Meccano.
This weekend I am on cat duty, our daughter is off camping, so for two days I will pop in and feed and play with them, hope to see Josh and Sam at some time as well.


  1. One day, I would like a spare bathroom/powder room finished in pinks and white . . Sweet Flowers would be the focal point is I would win it in the give away.

    It is so odd, I have never been a pink, flowery kind of girl, but I am dead set to have a pink flowery bathroom before I die :)

    As a matter of fact, I could do it in out bath now since I have the white marbled walls . . all I would need to do is fins a shower curtain and a scarf for a window curtain . . hum . . now my mind is working on what I may be able t do in there :)

    Thanks for making me think about something else to do in the bathroom :)

  2. Ooh the rugs look terrific. Love the sampler as always you put your own twist on it and the colours are gorgeous. Sorry to hear one of your interviews has been put off but good luck on Friday - fingers crossed. Hope you've made the most of the lovely weather. Sorry about the job centre :(

  3. The little rugs are so delicate.
    I hope your beautiful stitching finds a nice new home, I have a drawer full of finished projects.

  4. Your miniature rugs are adorable. Love your sampler - gorgeous colours :)

  5. hi marlene,
    love your samplers. i've also been admiring your garden (previous posts). would love the Romantic Sampler if no one has requested it yet.. :)



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