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Tuesday, 9 February 2021

What next

I have started another pair of socks, these are for SIL, he loves the socks I made him for Christmas and is always wearing them, he is working at home, so I said I would make a couple more pairs. I purchased the yarn last month, knowing he would love the bright colours. 
Books 1 and 2 of a new to me crime author, easy reads, not too gory, books 9 and 10 for this year, read on my kindle, next I will pick one from my library books. 
I made my jumper to use this hand dyed yarn, and sadly the shade in this yarn blended too much with most of the colours I used in the jumper just finished, so I did not used as much as I expected, so I will have to think of another use for this beautiful soft yarn. 
I have used this as a project basket next to my chair for years, but in truth, it's far too small, so I have changed the use and popped all my smaller books and patterns inside, now when George gets close to my stuff, it can be picked up in one move and looks much neater and tidy. I am now using a hand made bag made back in 2017, it's huge and perfect for the task. 
When it's cold outside your new handmade jumper with hand knitted socks are perfect, and when later I sit and read, I have my hand crochet lap blanket, I timed the finish of this jumper to perfection. Please note my hair is still looking good, I last had it cut in early December, it's now a long bob.
Another stay at home weekend, daughter popped in with a bit of shopping, our support bubble works both ways. Plenty of reading and knitting time, whilst hubby watched rugby on TV, he's happy Wales won their match. Hubby has had his cataract sorted in his right eye on Friday, it was a short procedure at our local eye hospital, the left does not need doing, so we are being careful for a while, already he says he can see much better. 
Monday we woke up to snow, just a very light dusting, which hung around all morning, not enough to settle, but enough to make Will very excited. I did have to pop to town, the car is due it's MOT on 16th, we called our local garage at end of Jan, they suggested we called back nearer the date, we called on Friday (5th) to be told they were fully booked until past the due date, not amused comes to mind. I popped to a couple of shops, to pick up a few items, and then back home, it was bloody cold outside ( soft southerner comes to mind, it was about -4)
So no plans to go out today, not sure if we will see Daughter and grandsons, today or tomorrow, plans are to stay inside in the warm, the temperature has dropped and with the wind it is cold outside. We had another sprinkling of snow last night, not enough to turn everywhere white, and it's very crunchy feels more like ice than snow. 
I do have to get 2 new tyres next week, they did not have the ones we wanted in stock, car passed its Mot, so very pleasing. On a better note our local doctors surgery has invited all over 65 for their covid jab, mine is booked for Saturday, they are ahead of most other places. 


  1. We had more snow overnight on top of yesterday's snow which had turned to ice, so it's treacherous out there today. Your son-in-law will be pleased with his hand knit socks, I haven't had any socks on the needles for quite a while now, I think this must be the longest I've gone without a pair in progress.

  2. I do love your jumper. My hair is really messy and getting on my nerves...the really annoying thing is that my hairdresser (qualified hairdresser neighbour) lives just 2 doors away!

  3. Your jumper is a good fit on you and those socks are lovely. The wind does make it feel really cold although we are lucky not to have had snow here.

  4. Your jumper looks fabulous it fits you really well. My hair is at the stage where it flicks up at the back and desperately needs a trim. I'm glad your hubbies cataract op went well, I have one in my left eye but I don't need to do it quite yet. I love the colour of those socks.

  5. Love your jumper, lovely colour choice.. Our move is exciting but a bit scary too, its a lot smaller than here altho the main living room is a really good size. Lots to do there, but we'll cope and just supervise work men!

  6. The colours in your sweater suit you perfectly.

    Handknit socks are so cozy warm.

    God bless.

  7. Good to hear hubby's eye op went well - I have beginning cataracts and was a bit fearsome of the future, but obviously don't need to worry too much. Good luck with your jab :) xx

  8. Love the jumper on you. As for hair, I was so fed up I took the scissors to mine. It's probably going to be another 6-8 weeks before he even thinks about opening hairdressers again. Did you see the CCTV clip of 5-6 women running out of the rear exit of a salon in Bolton raided by police. Two women had a full head of foils. another has a beauty face mask on a the test had towels on their heads. It's the second time the salon has been prosecuted!!

  9. Love the colour of the socks you are knitting for your Son in Law. I caved and cut my own hair last week, hubby cut the back, to be honest it looks ok now, I couldn't have waited until the hairdressers are back open again, I would look like a wild woman! My mum, sister and BIL have had their injections, BIL spent the following day in bed as he felt so bad afterwards, mum said she felt really tired all the next day and my sister said she felt ok apart from her arm felt really heavy. I'm not looking forward to when they call my age group, i'm still unsure about the whole thing.
    Glad your hubby's op went well.

  10. I do like the colours of the socks you are knitting, and your jumper looks great, the colours really suit you.

    All the best Jan



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