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Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Saving memories

I save everything, I have the biggest memory box and it was full, so I spent an afternoon looking at all the cards and sorting ones I did not want to pop back into the box, I managed to throw away a huge pile of cards, over £100 worth, such a waste, but I did keep all the grandsons photo cards.
I also kept all the cards with big writing made by small hands, I have always said the joy these cards bring to me, from scribbles to neat handwriting I have many. 
This card stays, it's reflective of how we feel after the boys had been for the day, all cards popped back into the box. It's such a shame to not be able to display these, but there is a limit on how many you can have out. 
I got thinking, spoke to hubby and we looked for a big frame, this A1 poster being the biggest, the 'glass' is perplex so even with the size it is not heavy. In our stair well we have a ledge outside of our bedroom wall, this frame would fit there brilliantly and we would see it everyday when going upstairs. 
All finished, not too cluttered, it fills this space well and it's big enough to see everything, we will look at it every time we go to our bedroom. We do have wedding and baby photos in this area, it does look like a gallery, we look it and it keep the photos in the house a to smaller amount. 
This was a fun project, we painted the back board a light colour from our supply in garage, the only extra cost was a can of spray mount. it does look good and is full of happy boys growing up, it's also out of the way, filling a dull spot. I did move my African ladies to another shelf on the stairs and then cleaned moved the glass bowl and vases, and removed a couple of things which had nowhere to go.

My memory box is now only half full, I am trying not to keep so much, having said that would you like to see my 18th birthday cards, yes they are in there alongside 21st and finishing work with my 1st baby.

I am hopeless with somethings, I have letters and cards from my mum, I do love to get them out and read her hand writing again, I don't have any cards from my dad but I still have his red book driving licence which he signed every year. There are loads of hand made items from both daughters, which I keep. 

My biggest joy of memories are my blog books, each year I publish my post into a year book, I have 9 and 2 more to publish 2019/2020, neither are finished. I often look in them, I looked for the post for the link above it's the quickest way to find dates. My youngest daughter was reading one on a recent visit, Will like all our grandsons loves to see his photo in my books. 


  1. Your picture frame with all your special cards is fabulous, such a good idea.

  2. It's a lovely idea. I still have all my 18th and 21st birthday cards, engagement, wedding and birth cards. I've kept so many things of Daniel's and Eleanor's over the years too, they have a box each of things I've kept for them, newspapers from the day they were born, cards, certificates etc. Everything's in boxes but it's such a good idea to display some of them in a frame.

  3. At my age I have plenty of memories and when I look back on my Grandchildren when they were young I'd give anything to have them back small again. they are all grown now.

  4. A sister in law made up a similar board with all different photos. It attracted everyone's attention (looking for themselves!) and was a great hit.
    Another friend had one wall absolutely covered with cards and photos and it was fascinating to look at that.
    Having memories on display seems to bring a lot of pleasure into our lives :) xx

  5. The frame is beautiful, lots of lovely memories to make you smile as you pass.

  6. Great way to display precious memories. I too have cards from when I was younger, I think the earliest ones I have are from when I was 13 or 14. It nice to look through things you've kept i think.

  7. I am just like you with the memory box and I too have an old red driving licence - but mine belonged to my grandad. It is the one thing that is a joy to sort through when I have something to add - an excuse to reread all the lovely cards and mesages - nothing is really decluttered from it in the end though. Your frame is such a good idea.

  8. Gorgeous collage, full of lovely memories that you can see every day.

    God bless.

  9. That collage looks great! Everybody can see those photos now. I very much like this idea! Sr P is a very practical person and he is always telling me I am a hoarder...a hoarder of memories I tell him! At present I am trying to scan all my photos ....a slow progress... so I can store everything on digital memory storage where it will be safe. keep well Amanda x



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