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Sunday, 7 February 2021

Another finish

My jumper is finished, I used Drops Baby Merino 4ply and knitted in the round, the pattern was for DK, but I managed to size it correct using another 4 ply neck down knitted pattern. I'm glad I stuck with 4ply, this is a very warm jumper, I changed the design from a short sleeved short summer jumper into a warmer style. 
I decided to make the sleeves my own design, I had to ensure I cast off enough stitches to not make the cuff bulky, the sleeves were 90 stitched round and I took them down to 60 stitches, but could only decrease once finished with the patterns, I love the pink and blue on each sleeve.
The underarms on a knitted down jumper can be tricky, often there are gaps as stitches stretch, so as I was sewing in the ends I did a darn along this area to ensure there are no thin patches.  
So the finished jumper, not to everyone's taste, but I do love it, the fit is good, the colour design sits together when worn, so for me this is a win. I would use this pattern again, the details can be found here, but the style is very different than my jumper. 
Having made a knit down jumper knitted in the round, so there are no stitching up to do, which I always hate and I never make it as tidy as it should be, these are the ends I had to sew in after all the colour changes.
I really love this soft yarn, it's 100% wool and with being baby wool it has less lanolin, which always gives me issues, so I am able to wear for longer. I used about 100 grm ball of each colour, which means I have loads left and could make another jumper, for now it's all back in my stash. 
I started knitting on 20th of January, so a very quick knit, the only shaping was on the yoke down to the sleeve separation and at the bottom of the sleeves, the pattern was so simple, just 6 rows of 1st colour, add 2nd colour and work 7 rows of 'k3 1st colour, k3 2nd colour', repeat until end, then 6 rows of 2nd colour, just ensuring the loops at the back are not too tight, I could knit whilst watching TV. In our 3rd lockdown having plenty of time, I knitted most days, it grew very quickly. The hardest part was ensuring I got the size right as I was using 4ply and not double knitting yarn. I did not over think the colour selections, what to put where, I did use 7 shades the original design only had 5, I had planned not to use the blues, but they added to the design. The back neck fits perfectly, the design uses a German turn and add system, which builds the back neck higher, it does feel much better. 
So my 2nd finish of 2021 is a success, and just in time for the cold weather due this week.


  1. It looks fabulous and, as you say, should be nice and warm for the cold spell we're forecast. I've used Drops baby merino for quite a few projects, it's lovely and soft and so reasonably priced too.

  2. That is so lovely. You will enjoy wearing it, I'm sure.

  3. It lovely, far too complex for my brain. We've had tins of the white stuff!!

  4. The sweater looks really pretty. I love the way the two sleeves end in different colors.

  5. Well done, it's lovely and I like the different colour cuffs. I'd never be able to tackle something like that.

  6. Your jumper is delightful to look at - enjoy wearing it :)

  7. It looks great, love the colours in it.
    Enjoy wearing it :)

    All the best Jan

  8. Very pretty. I love the colours.

    God bless.

  9. Wow it's beautiful and a very quick knit too it would take me months if I was knitting in in 4ply it looks so snuggly and warm I think you should model it. Have a great week.

  10. That looks beautiful. I feel like we saw you just start this project and now it is done already!

  11. A very pretty jumper, I think I would find it way to complicated for me to knit. Hope its nice and snuggly in the cold weather you are having xcx



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