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Sunday, 28 February 2021

February roundup.


Just one purchase of yarn, bright colours to add to the sock yarn I already have,  I got the last lot of bulbs for the garden online, a bit more expensive than I needed to pay, but my choice to have them ready to plant before I fill the garden with plants and colour, plus my 3 new small pots. My spend is about the same as in previous years, the garden is now having more spent on it.  No clothes purchased, I'm still enjoying my finished handknitted jumper. The book was a reference book on British trees and wildflowers. The flowers were my Alliums. I am still reading library books and a few on Kindle.

We have been really good again, no waste food, we had 1 big shop from Tesco for a change, middle of the month, we are both now going to the village shops again, but not too often. Using our local shop has helped reducing the plastic coming into the house, we are using loads of their products, taking our own containers to refill, and purchasing all our loose fruit and veg. 

Car passed its Mot, but we did need 2 new tyres, expensive but expected, the car was purchased in 2014 and has not cost me much to run, in truth I do not do huge number of miles, when we come to sell it will be 'one lady owner, low mileage'. I also filled up, I have no idea the last time we put petrol in, last year sometime, can't decide if that's a saving or a cost this month. No unexpected cost in the house this month, the heating was on much more, now it's only on for short periods, but we are on a monthly plan, and are in credit so the amount we pay should not change. We have always been good at not wasting electricity, I turn everything off, I hate seeing things on standby.

We did nothing towards losing any weight this month, but will now start again in the hope of losing 14 pounds by the summer, this will be less than I lost last year, and bring me down to nearer  the weight I want to be.

We managed our be kind, this month, hubby had loads of bird feeders he's not using, so he popped them on our local Facebook page and a lady asked for them to go in a garden at a local small hospital, so we walked to the local pet shop and got seed, nuts and fat balls, so the feeders can be used straight away. Money well spend, the lady was very pleased. 


  1. You're very organized writing all your purchases down, I really wanted to do this but I just forget! I'm not spending a lot anyway but it would be interesting to see what I do buy.

    1. All my working life I used spreadsheets and loved the information gathered, I have been using my list for years, never saving money, just understanding what and where I spend.

  2. I don't break down my spending quite like you and I am not good with spreadsheets. Harvey does my spreadsheet set up and I just plop in the numbers.

    God bless.



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