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Wednesday, 24 February 2021

Another jumper

My jumper is all done and finished.
It again fits well, I am pleased with the design and colours, all were my own choice, it's using the same yarn as my last jumper, but it is much lighter, there are no threads carried behind my knitting. 
I purchased far too much yarn for my 1st jumper, as I was using one pattern for the design and another for the size, I had no way of knowing how much I needed. Drops baby merino is a stock yarn for me, I love using it. This is what is left on the 3 colours, I found a small ball of navy, so playing yarn chicken was not as bad as I thought. These will be added to the other colours I have left over from my blanket, I don't have many whole balls now, just the natural colour. 
I have daffodils starting to flower in the garden, they grow best in my side bed, the whole area is full of leaves, I prefer the bigger blooms, but for now these tiny tete a tete will lead they flowering season. I do have tulips, but I always grow them in pots as they rot in the ground. 
The garden is looking good, I do need to get out and start some tiding of the whole area, but our ground which is heavy clay is just so wet, so with a dry fore caste for this week, I am waiting tomorrow and Friday should be warm.

I have coriander and parsley growing in my pots, they are still in my office in the sun with a plastic bag over the top,  and I have planted my latest head pot, again it's in the office. I do like to keep plants in the office, it's sunny and warm and I see them everyday, so I can ensure everything is growing OK, I have to be careful as hubby does not like plants taking over the space, I would have plants everywhere if I could. 

I hope to be outside this week, I have flower seeds to sow in the greenhouse, I have very little space inside the greenhouse, so I will need to move things around for space for seed trays. I have late summer flowering bulbs to pop into the ground, and the top corner of my side bed to sort, nothing huge, just enough for me to feel good. It's lovely to have a sorted tidy garden, but I do enjoy projects, but every tiny bit of space has been used in this small garden.

I have not read any books in the last week, I have enjoyed my knitting, I have now pulled out patterns and all the supplies to start my next project, it's another bit item, something to keep me busy until we can get out and enjoy time with friends and family. 


  1. Your jumper is lovely, I'm glad you managed to get it finished without running out of the navy. No daffies out here yet, even the tete a tetes are taking their time.

  2. That jumper is gorgeous and does fit you very well. I totally agree with you Drops baby merino is a lovely yarn. It has a great soft plush feel to it. keep well Amanda x

  3. The jumper looks so much better on than off, I love it. I have to congratulate you as I wouldn't have the patience and yet I can play around with tiny beads,each to their own, lol

  4. Your jumper came out great and you knit it up really quickly!
    We have clay soil too and the borders are still very soggy. My tulips and daffs are coming up though. We have some tulips that have been in the ground 3 years this year and most are coming again, although I do prefer them in pots.

  5. Your jumper is lovely and a good fit, gosh you do knit quickly too.

  6. You are such a skilled knitter. I need to get outside too and I also need to dig over the allotment, or half of it, as OH has already done one half. I need the exercise and fresh air if I'm honest, just need to make myself do it.

  7. Oh no, it sounds like your spring is starting to arrive! That means we will soon be looking at autumn, and I am dreading winter. Oh well, LOL

    1. On the positive side, all through our winter I have seen your summer and enjoyed your sunny photo's. Hopefully you can get the same lift from our summer photo's.

  8. Your sweater looks wonderful, a perfect fit. Congrats.



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