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Monday, 1 February 2021

A new month

5th book read this year, another library book, not one I would pick but an interesting story and very enjoyable. I have read 5 of the 6 books chosen for me in January. 
I am now working on the second sleeve, the 1st sleeve has been left, I have knitted the bottom end twice, I am trying something different on this sleeve and will decide which I prefer, I don't like baggy sleeves. The fit of the jumper is great, it feels so warm. 
Hubby changed the light fitting in both the dining and sitting room, it's opened planned an so always looks better with matching fittings, just a very simple glass shade, easy to keep clean. We have purchased the bulbs so Alexa now can control the lights, so from the comfort of our chair we can turn on lights when reading and play with colour, works well when we have cats snuggled on our laps. 
Over the weekend we spent time visiting Su, daddy and boys, as part of their support bubble, and enjoyed a takeaway for tea, Will was very excited normally they pop to ours, but he was able to get out his toys to play together. Such a simple thing to do, I do feel blessed we can do this, we can't see any other of our grandsons, we watch and see numbers on the decline and hope, it's all we have is hope. 

January was a slow month but it's done again for another year, I don't feel we did much other than hide in the warmth of our home, but most years it's a nothing month. 
February can be over so quickly, so I have a few things I would like done, nothing much in the house, a few bits in the garden, loads of craft and some socks if my ball of yarn ever arrives. 
I am working on a project, it's one of those which came about after doing some sorting, I had to order a couple of items, waiting for the 2nd to arrive, probably have photo's in the next post, it's a happy task which should keep us pleased for months ahead. 


  1. Your jumper is looking really good, it’s lovely. Wow those different colour ways from the lights are great, no idea how that is done though.

    1. It's a really easy patter to follow, I do love knitting neck down, it's much easier to match sleeves to body. The design again is simple plain knitted with just 7 rows of both colours.

  2. A simple thing such as having a takeaway with family has been taken for granted in the past but it's such a huge boost these days. I'm glad you're able to do it. Our neighbours have had visitors again today, I can't believe how open they are about breaking the rules. Looking forward to hearing about your new project, you've got me intrigued!

  3. Your sweater looks beautiful. I love the way the colours go together.

    God bless.

  4. Alexa sounds like a lot of fun as well as being convenient :)

    1. Most nights we get her to tell us a boring fact, and in the mornings she tells us events which happened in history from the date, she is terrible at jokes. I have just read she can talk you through CPR should we ever need it.

  5. You are absolutely right - January was slow but February is often over far too quickly :-)



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