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Monday, 15 February 2021

Valentines day in lockdown.

We always swap cards, but in this strange year we did it differently, card shops are shut, online cards cost the earth, so when I was sorting my memory box a while ago, I kept a couple cards, these were from 2018, don't tell anyone.
We tried to get an afternoon tea from a local lady for Sunday, she was fully booked so we decided to ask her to deliver on Saturday, we missed lunch and enjoyed our treats along side a bottle of Prosecco, the contents of the box for 1 person. 
 Huge amount of food, all freshly made and wonderful, took 2 attempts to eat it all, Prosecco went straight to my head, so lovely afternoon nap, tea cups there just for show. 

These books are brilliant and not too huge under 300 pages each, I do love the story line, the main DCI is a bit jump and then think about it, but they are just stories. Books 12 and 13 read this year. 
I hope to finish these this week, they are very simple to make, the yarn does all the hard work, I decided to make the heels different colours, SIL loves colour. 
It was a brilliant weekend our afternoon tea for Saturday was really good, we were pleased we did not get it on Sunday as we did not want much for our evening meal. Hubby cooked a lovely meal on Sunday evening, we had a good bottle of red wine with our meal, so a pleasant couple of days. Other than walking to the village for my jab on Saturday, we have not been out, Saturday was cold, Sunday the rain came, the only thing worse than being out in the cold is being out in the cold and wet. 
I have had my note book out, I am planning another jumper to knit, I had so much yarn leftover from my last jumper, 4 different colours to play with, I'm almost certain of the design. I will still have more yarn left, but its one of my stock yarns, so I'm happy to have loads of colours, photos in next post. My socks should be finished soon, so I'm ready for a new cast on. 

I think after reading all the comments on my last post, we are all feeling the same, this lockdown is hard work, we need to see friends and family, we need to sit together and laugh, we need coffee and gossip, it's good for our soul. 


  1. The afternoon tea looked delicious! I think that is such a good idea for it to be delivered haven't businesses become innovative during lockdown!

  2. Will make a note of those books, always like a recomomendation. Afternoon tea looks scrumptious.

  3. Wow that afternoon tea looked fantastic. So much food.

  4. Glad you had such a nice holiday. I just checked out tia the turtle, this is SO adorable but you are right abou the price, yikes !

  5. Your afternoon tea looks delicious, and I bet having it delivered wouldn't have been something you'd have done had we not been in lockdown. I think we're discovering different ways to celebrate occasions now. We never usually celebrate Valentine's Day but Mick bought me roses last year and this year he came home with steak and all the trimmings when he went to the supermarket and cooked me a nice meal last night, he seems to be getting more romantic in his old age.

  6. That's a lot of food for one person it looked delicious. Sounds like a
    nice weekend despite the weather and the restrictions. Those socks are lovely I love the colours.

  7. Your afternoon tea looked amazing. No Valentine's celebrations here, we don't bother anymore, although hubby did the cooking on Sunday, that was a rare treat for me :-)

  8. Your tea looks delicious. It must have been delicious.

    God bless.

  9. Your afternoon tea looks scrumptious, it's good to treat yourselves. We just had a nice meal and bottle of wine and don't really celebrate Valentines day but this year was different of course.

  10. What a treat, afternoon tea, looks really scrummy. xcx

  11. I think your afternoon tea looks delicious.
    Sounds a very nice weekend.

    All the best Jan



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