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Friday, 5 February 2021

Blooms inside

I have popped these silk flowers back into this jug, it sits on the kitchen window sill, and add a bit of colour, these flowers are 3 years old, when not in use I store them in huge plastic bags to stop the dust getting in, they are in storage longer than they are out. The last of the Christmas greenery is packed away, it was Candlemas day earlier this week and old traditions says all decorations should be removed by this day. 
My new Orchid, purchased last week is looking good, it was signed as having 2 stems, but this was one of many with 3 stems, I love white Orchids, these will bloom for months and make the £7 spent on the plant very good value. The 2nd photo are the resting plants in the corner of the sitting room next to the patio doors for light and behind our sofa for safety. 
My nastie (cactus) jar is doing well, I made this a couple of years ago, when you could pop to a shop and purchase items. The 2nd plant is my coffee plant, these were purchased as a small plant in a coffee mug, they were crammed in and I decided to see how far I can get these to grow. 
Plants in our sunny office area always do well, I have tucked the string of pearls in Betty's hair back up, I would rather wait a bit longer for her hair and have really thick strands. The 2nd plant is my baby pineapple plant, I purchased the mother plant and the small fruit did not fair well, but the plant had babies, this is the best so far, I have 1 other in the greenhouse.  

It's a beautiful sunny morning after heavy rain in the early hours of the morning, it's still cold and we have been promised it will get colder over the next couple of days, there is snow in our weather forecaste, but I am not expecting much, we are shielded from most weather by the Isle of Wright, we last had snow 2 years ago and then not much. 
I am hoping to knit more on my jumper, I have just the rib on the body to finish, not my favourite and I intend to make the rib longer, to match the style of the jumper, the patter was for a short summer jumper, mine is a long winter style. I have caste on another pair of colourful socks, and I have started another book. 
Not much happens here, no visit's as hubby has a hospital appointment this afternoon, so we have stayed at home and not seen anyone. We do spend time watching the small birds in our garden, their feeders are always full, so they know a visit is always good, I can spend hours looking out at our garden. 



  1. You do have some very nice unusual plants. It's sunny here today and I live on the coast in the shadow of the mountains so we are shielded from the snow and very bad weather too, we are very fortunate.

  2. It's sunny here at the moment but I keep having to turn the electric light on and off as it keeps going dark as though we're going to have a downpour but nothing yet.

  3. Your silk flowers are very pretty and your house plants all look healthy. I used to have lots in my previous home but now not as many as they don't seem to thrive I think the lighting isn't right for them and the conservatory is too hot for them in the summer and too cold in the winter. Enjoy your knitting this weekend, rib isn't my favourite thing to do either.

  4. Your indoor plants look very healthy. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about all of mine. Still learning.

  5. I think your silk flowers look very nice.

    It's been quite a wet week, we have had a few walks out and about trying to avoid the rain showers. Snow is being forecast for the weekend, the grandchildren are hoping they will get some, we shall see!

    Take care.

    All the best Jan

  6. I love the silk flowers they are really jolly Andrew colours are do vibrant. My daughter has one of those bead plants as I call it.

  7. Your silk flowers are so pretty and cheerful. Love your cute little cactus jar :)



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