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Monday, 13 April 2020

Along came 4

3rd pair of socks finished, these are for SIL for Christmas, daughter said the brighter colour the better, she loves them, hope he does.
 They are fun
My bag is done, I decided to hand stitch the back decoration, not the best finish, but I can now use this colourful bag. Shame there is nowhere to go. I am not totally pleased with the back, I am wishing I had not used the leather, I am considering taking the outer bag apart and changing the leather. Hummm!!!
 It's a big bag, I am planning to put my sign class books in here, and use the softer bag for shopping.
The sleeves have been unpicked and redone, the pattern sleeves were baggy and did not feel right, I have been promising to get these done for months, so another task done. 
 This jumper is extra long for me, I want to be able to wear it with my fitted trousers, so it comes below my hips and covers my bum. 
Another wonderful book, clever twist, I really enjoyed it.
Husband finished the child's bench, this is very special to us, we have seen all our grandsons sit on here, it's now waiting for George to grow. I did a Bench Post, telling the story of this bench. 
On our Friday walk, we stopped off at Co-op for bread and milk, hubby got me some flowers, 1st cut flowers purchased this year. I'm glad he got me these, it is Easter and they brighten the house. Like most every house it's a strange weekend, no family get together. 
So 3 craft finishes and a book read, it's been a productive week, I have 2 projects in mind for this week, I am terrible for not letting things be OK, I can't use anything I have made which I feel is not right, hence the sorting of the jumper sleeves, so I need to have a think about the bag.
Saturday we took our bikes out for our daily exercise, we took a big loop around our houses, I need to build my strength up, it was fun in the sunshine, we went further than we would walk.
Sunday we cycled a much longer route, going along the shore and through parks, locally we call the wreck, and spent the rest of the day in the garden, no big family roast for us, we had a lovely chicken pie roast dinner. We have Easter eggs, hot cross buns and I've had a glass of wine for 2 evenings, so my weight has gone the wrong way this week.
Today we will walk, I need a new comfortable padded seat on my bike, and a rest day from cycling, no other plans.
BUT all the family are good, George is growing so fast, I feel I'm missing so much, Will is desperate to come and play here, all our grandsons are safe. In the strange and surreal world, life does feel good. I do understand we are lucky, we are both retired, so no worries about jobs, we are both healthy for our age, I do keep an eye on hubby, he is a higher risk, but not on the high risk list. The restrictions don't feel too bad, we do normally spend alot of time at home together.


  1. You're certainly being productive in the lock down. I love those socks, stripes are my thing anyway but I just love the colours too. It's good to hear that the family are well, it's all we can hope for in these strange times, I know we're the lucky ones, there's so many who are not so fortunate.

  2. Love the socks, you are very clever. It's great knitting your own stuff because you can choose the length if arms and body etc. It's all very surreal at the moment. I pray they come up with a vaccine soon as I'm not sure I'll feel safe until they do.

  3. I might have to get my bike out but will probably flatten the tyres with the extra pounds!! My HG is like yours, not on an offical list but I think it'd be devastating of he got it with his one kidney so I am extra vigilant. One ,antra is it will not last forever. It's hard not seeing loved ones xx

  4. I love the socks too. I'd love to get out on my bike, but it would mean going out twice, as the dog won't come with me and run alongside. So it's probably not a good idea for now.

  5. What a productive week you have had! I actually like your bag - and wouldn't it be stronger with the leather as you intend to keep books in it? Take care, Mxx

  6. Wow, you have been really busy. I absolutely love those striped socks. I think your SIL will be very pleased indeed.

  7. You have really gotten a great many projects completed this week. Love the bag!

    God bless.

  8. You have been busy.
    Jazzy socks, they'll be so loved!
    I bet it was nice to be out in the sunshine on the bike.



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