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Wednesday, 17 February 2021

New start

These yarns are leftover from my last jumper, I knew I had ordered too much, but as I was not following a design as it was printed, I had to guess how much of each colour I required.

I often use this notebook to scribble in when I am working a design, it's good to be able to pop back and recheck my thinking before or even during my knitting. The scribbles are the outline to see if it will work, as with everything it evolves as it grows. 
So another new start, I decided not to use the white, it's good to have that colour in my stash, just 3 colours and stripes. The pale pink is better at the top as its the smallest amount I have, there are 288 stitches on each row, rising to 384 just before I separate the body and the sleeves. 
I did finish socks for SIL, he loves them, so I will make another pair and a pair for hubby, he loved the orange and grey together, so SIL will have different bright colours. 
This is the last book written in this set, there should be another one, but I have to wait until it has been published, this ia book 14 this year. 

So our weather is warmer again but that means dull grey days and rain, still not able to be outside in the garden, I have been checking the birds water, but happily it's not frozen any more. I now pop to the greenhouse most days, I have seeds which I am going to sow this weekend and hopefully be able to get the summer bulbs in the ground. 


  1. It looks like you'll have plenty of yarn there for another jumper, hand knitted ones are so lovely and warm. It's warmed up here a lot over the last couple of days and we've got some sunny days too, it's definitely lifting my spirits after the cold spell we've just endured.

  2. Way to use up the leftover yarn. It is going to be a lovely sweater.

    God bless.

  3. Lovely colours of yarn that go together so well. Nice sunny day here today and not nearly as cold as it was last week.

  4. I cannot wait to get into the garden, but everywhere is so wet and boggy

    Julie xxxxxxx



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