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Saturday, 21 March 2020

Add to stash

Drops Baby Merino 4ply and Burrow & Soar, hand dyed 20grm mixes.

I am planning a new blanket, I had already purchased the hand dyed yarns for my knitted squares, for this blanket, but decided they were just too lovely to be used so simply. I thought the above shades would bring out the shades and colours, I still have to decide how I am using them, but it be the main colour wrapped around the hand dyed.
Mummy came over with Will and George yesterday, Wills spots are healing so he should not be infectious, he wanted to play outside, so I hid the small chocolate eggs around the garden, he was very pleased to find them. George has had his 1st assessment cancelled, without any new date, he's doing well, and it is better to keep him away from hospitals. I don't expect we will see them at Easter. We don't expect to see any of our grandsons for weeks, it's going to be hard, we will face time, but going to miss cuddles. 
We are now totally isolating, we are short on fresh veg, but there is none around, we have a supermarket order booked for collection in 2 weeks, so what we have in will have to last. We have always done a big shop at Asda every 2-3 months, for things we don't get a Lidl, luckily for us we went to Asda at the end of February, so store cupboard, cleaning and other basics should last us until June, we are trying to be more careful with what we use. I did not like being out shopping for daughters milk on Friday, our lovely village felt very different, we are still trying to get over the closure of Co-op store, the shops are having pensioner shopping hour, but there is very little to buy. We did use the local butcher, he has not put his prices up, the shop was busy, so these times are helping the smaller shops. It's so sad that people are making a difficult time much harder.
The weather forecast for the next few days is sunny and cold, we have task to do in the garden, the man will repair and replace panels in the fence on Wednesday, he is self employed and trying to work for as long as he can, so we do have to move a few things away from the area. We can pay the man by bank transfer, he does not require us to be in the garden, unless there are issues from next door, so it should be safe.


  1. There are some yummy colours there, I´m sure you will enjoy working with them. It´s going to be so hard not seeing the grandchildren and having cuddles and watching them as they learn new skills. Thank goodness for technology. We are in lockdown and apart from needing to top up the fresh veggies, have no need to go anywhere. We have plenty to do in the garden and of course hobbies. take care xcx

  2. Love the yarn colours. They are bright and cheerful in these tough times. Stay safe, Mxx

  3. Lovely yarn, I'm looking forward to seeing what you decide on for the new blanket. It's going to be so hard for families who are parted from each other for a long period, especially when there's little ones as they change so much so quickly.

  4. You have a wonderful eye for colour, those new yarns will be stunning together.
    My grandaughter is missing her cuddles she said. Blowing a kiss over facetime is not making her happy. Its hard to explain to young ones how at risk we are. We have a delivery coming next Saturday.

  5. We too do a big shop every now and then and as we were forecast snow in February we bought some big bags of rice and pasta and tinned tomatoes.. we have a farm shop near us that delivers and our so does our butcher.. but we could run out of tea and milk.. so we've tried sharing a tea bag, its ok but not for that early morning cuppa, that is non viable!

  6. Wonderful yarn colours. The blanket is going to be gorgeous.

    God bless.

  7. Beautiful stash.

    Julie xxxxx



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