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Monday, 2 March 2020

Crafting catch-up.

I have done loads on these socks, just a bit on the 2nd sock to go, but I have run out of red yarn and will need to get more.
  I'm back knitting on my cardigan, the body length is perfect, I only need to finish the last panel before the bottom rib, the right arm requires 3 more patterns before the bottom rib, the left arm is much shorter and will need more work. 
 I was asked to knit a colourful pair of socks, I will add a red panel and then repeat yellow, blue and white, leaving the heal and toes to be knitted in the green. 
I am reading a new local author, the book as yet is not published, he asked for people to read his crime thriller, it's looks gory, but there is a good reason, the back ground story was aimed at a male reader, I enjoyed the plot. The end was good, but I felt it could have been better. 
It was a busy weekend here, Will visited Saturday and stayed for a sleepover, he helped make a pizza base and then made his own pizza for tea, we have been trying for a while to get him to eat more than just cheese, so he added cooked ham and chicken, and after it was cooked he ate it all. He loves helping in the kitchen.
Sunday was a very early (for me) start to the day, we were up just after 6. Will went home early afternoon, later we had a lazy time, me crafting, hubby reading.
Another storm has passed, the rain was not too bad, but the winds were strong, again our garden has not been damaged other than the fence, we will not do anything until the storms stop, probably next month. Both days over the weekend we're sunny for hours, from the inside it looks like spring, but once outside its very cold.
Today we are having Will again, today we are making rock cakes, he wants to take some home for mummy and daddy.


  1. This weather seems never ending at the moment, i think it will take a while yet for the rain water to soak away, our grass is still too wet to walk on.
    Lovely socks, shame you ran out of the red. Your cardigna is growing well, you'll have it finished in no time :-) Oliver always used to like to help me cook, he would love making pizza but never ate it, he's still not keen on pizza now.

  2. I had a lazy afternoon yesterday too, it's nice to have time to do a bit of crafting on a weekend.

  3. The cardigan is looking beautiful . I will have to look up rock cakes, not sure what those are.

  4. Two nice pairs of socks, what a shame you ran out of red wool.

  5. Lovely socks, I hope you can find the right red yarn.

    God bless.



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