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Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Next check in

I have shown this before, it is scary how much more we eat, and this is not including any snacks, getting fat is the simple math's of eating more calories than you burn off each day, simple, but so hard to control. We live in a world where food is plenty, cheap and diverse, and who would not want to try everything, our parents would be amazed at our choices these days. We are also not as active as our parents were, it all adds up to the predicament I find myself in. 
I am surprised how easy it is becoming to miss lunch, I do like my bowl of porridge with blueberries each morning, and on days I'm busy I forget to stop to eat lunch, about 3.30pm is the time I start to feel hungry, and we often decide to have an earlier evening meal. I am allowing myself to eat all foods I love, we both eat a very healthy diet, BUT with no snacking and smaller portions, I don't feel I am craving anything. I now am often feeling hungry before our evening meal, not starving, just ready to eat. It's not a lose weight fast scheme, but a slowly does it, with small loss most week.

This plan should help me once I have reached my weigh goals, I don't have to add to much back into my diet, maybe just a few nice treats, I want to keep my portion size the same and then in theory the weight should stay off.

Middle weekend was more relaxed, hubby did a nice meal for Valentines, with red wine and a dessert, and with storm Dennis howling around us, I ate a few more rich treats, but as I'm not on a calorie count.

I did lose weight, but not as much as I hoped, I had set myself a target, and hoped I could be a couple pounds below, but I just missed my target, I'm not too bothered, I aim to stay eating as we are for March and April, and if I have to keep going in May I will, I have my target finish weight and I will get there no matter how long it takes. BUT the last time I was this weight was 2016, so 4 years of extra weight gone, my aim is to match my weight in 2009.

I find my Diabetes class really frustrating, the tutor is doing a general class, which I'm sure for many is a help, last time he spoke about sugar, fizzy drinks, sugar filled foods, most of which I never eat or drink. Next topic is fat, again I have had a low fat diet for 40 years due to high cholesterol. So I am not gaining any help, other than move more.

I have started walking more, I am counting steps, and recording each day, at this point I would like to reach 6,000 steps each day, someday I have missed, but my weekly average is pleasing. I have also spent a couple hours in the garden, all good exercise. Having said that, the last week of February was so stormy, my steps dropped right back.


  1. I don't think the age in which we live helps at all, we're all used to eating larger portion sizes, snacking between meals and having unhealthy food on offer, it can all be very tempting. It's all about getting in the right mindset, which can be easier said than done.

  2. I turned down the diabetes course, I'd done so much research into diabetes when I was first diagnosed, I knew the course wouldn't tell me anything I didn't already know. I didn't know you're diabetic, I must have missed that post. After lovely sunshine for 2 days, it's back to peeing down again today. Sigh.

    1. I am pre-diabetic, and therefore trying to stop diabetes.

  3. It doesnt help that when we meet friends for coffee we seem to have a cake or other treat together! Sounds like you are doing well Marlene with everything you are achieving.

  4. It sounds like you are doing everything right. I'm around a stone heavier than I like to be but am finding it a struggle to change my eating habits back to healthy ones. I have high cholesterol and am concentrating on reducing that at the moment. I know I need more exercise too but I am focussed on looking after hubby at the moment and end up so exhausted that the thought of exercise for the sake of it has no appeal whatsoever. Maybe the better weather will spur me on. Well done you anyway! Angie x

  5. It's hard when there is temptation everywhere you go, and we eat so differently from the generations before, there is so much fast food everywhere. I think it's harder to loose weight the older you get too so i think you have the right approach, smaller meals and not denying yourself a treat when you want on. keep it up :-)



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