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Thursday, 5 March 2020

All sorts of everything

Lemongrass, these were purchased from a supermarket and are very easy to root. The smaller jar in the front has roots and have now been planted in a small pot an on my warm desk, the roots should form quickly on the other 4, they will be potted on. 
 This pot is huge and will be placed on the decking with all the lemongrass and some lemon balm plants. I already have a huge pot of lemongrass, grown last year. It will be placed by our seating area, and hopefully stop most of the flies and smells coming from next door. I purchased it from B&Q.
We chose these Dahlia's for the back garden to go next to the peony I planted, these are late summer and will grow after the Peony flowers have finished. 
2nd pair of socks finished and ready for Christmas gifts, I loves these, simple stripe one red one charcoal grey. Is it just my family, I have 3 pairs to make for size 11 feet, these are huge. The red was easy to match, it's a current colour, I even got the same dye lot. 

I really could not put this book down, I loved every word, again the author takes a different route to tell the story, and does not disappoint.
I started this book, but very quickly found I did not like the style of the writing, so I have found another book to read.
It's another busy week, well as busy as it can be when not working.
Monday I promised Will we would visit a new children's play area in the village, we got there at 9.45am and it was full, it was horrible having to tell Will we could not go in, but he was so good and walked back home , on the way I stopped and let him choose a new toy. Walking past the barbers shop, we stopped to look at the motorbike in the window and the guy came out and gave Will a lolly, so he was a happy little boy, later we did walk to the local park and play.
Tuesday was coffee morning with the sign ladies, most of us were there, we stopped for a 2nd cup of coffee, and then because we were in a garden center we had a look around, I purchased nothing, there were things I liked but it's too early to start planting much. 
Wednesday I went into Portsmouth, lunch with a couple of work friends, we have stayed in touch for years, we decided to eat at Portsmouth hard, near the historic dockyards, it was a wet start, so we did not go for a walk together, I used the park and ride, it's the cheapest way to park.
I am busy knitting my cardigan, I have finished the body and almost finished one sleeve., I do have the colourful socks on the go as well, and I am starting the clothes for my Easter bunny, I did start a pair of trousers and unpicked them, just not happy with the look.


  1. I've just got Perfect Wife as an audio book, sound good.
    I'm reading a Lisa Jewel book at the moment and enjoying it.
    I've bought Dahlias to plant up too, I might keep them in pots this year though because the slugs loved them last year!
    Your red socks look very festive :-)

  2. What a great idea to grow lemongrass, I'd never have thought of that. Does it flower?

    1. Mine has not flowered, and I don't think you do.

  3. Your socks look great. I'm lucky there are no large feet in my family, haha. I haven't got any socks on the needles at the moment, I'm itching to cast some on but I'm not doing much crafting at the moment so I'm holding off for now. Poor Will, he must have been disappointed not to get in the new play area, it's hard having to explain things like that to them when they're so young. What a good boy he was not complaining, he definitely deserved a new toy and a lollipop.

  4. I quite like Lisa Jewell books.Usually page turners and not too deep.

  5. I was recommended lemon grass as a plant to keep biting insects and mossies at bay. Does it work?

  6. Great socks, perfect gift from Santa for a loved one. A real festive colour.



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