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Thursday, 12 March 2020

Desperate gardener

When the sun shines the garden looks so good, even through my blueberry bushes, loads of buds and new growth, I had a good crop last year, so I am hoping this year will be the same or more. 
 I have a love for different looking pots, this is designed to look like a cider pot, just much bigger. Being born in Somerset, I saw many of these (much smaller), I have a couple old ones in my shed. 
 This chimney is one of 4 I have in my garden, next to the raspberry canes, The long pots in front had strawberries, which the bugs ate, so this summer I am going to fill them with French marigolds, hubby's favorite flower. 
 One of many pots filled with spring bulbs, the bulbs rot in our heavy clay soil, so pots give me wonderful displays. I move pots all the time when they are flowering, keeps colour in view of the house. 
 This pot has been moved to infront of the garage, in full view of the house, it's looking good. 
Our Magnolia tree is doing OK, loads of buds have dropped off, if the wind died down, we should have some lovely blooms this year. I always love every spring when this tree turns pink with blooms before the leaves form, it's magical. 
 March is a strange month, spring flowers are everywhere, this year it's been very wet and windy, but spring is advancing, it's also the month we are most at risk of seeing snow, it has a habit of turning cold and dumping our winter snow.  For this reason our Olive tree is wrapped and moved out of the path of the wind. 
 So April is my look forward month in the garden, that's when I feel it's safe to start doing things, so for now I keep the garden tidy, Will is very good to help with this task. All my plans for this summer is just to fill any gaps in the flower beds, I am hoping it's a year to enjoy the garden. I will always be able to spend and hour outside, with dirty hands.
Our neighbour has written us a letter, stating we can repair the fence, normally the daughter writes all letters, so we are booking a contractor to come, he is well aware the daughter will start shouting at him and us. I plan to be out on the day they do the work, I can't stand any aggressive behaviour. 
So I am sat here, itching to get outside and grow things,  counting down the days of this long month, looking online for ideas, planning, waiting.


  1. We have lots of this popping up in the garden but i have no desire to get out there yet. Your pots look lovely, it's nice to have some colour to look at on these dreary days we've been having

  2. You do need a lot of patience as a gardener, especially in the weather we're having just now. The storms are back here, gale force winds and we had thunder and lightening and torrential rain last night.

  3. Your garden sounds like an awesome place to visit with all the different containers, and the scenes would be constantly changing as you moved them around. Brilliant!

  4. I know they can be short-lived, but I do like magnolia trees.

    All the best Jan

  5. Your pots are looking very much in bud and flower.
    I have a couple of the cider pots too, smaller ones than yours are.
    I hope the new fence gives you some peace so you can enjoy your garden without aggravation.



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