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Monday, 9 March 2020

Family weekend

Book 17, I have seen loads of great reviews on this book. I had also seen it in our library, but never got past the review on the back, the book is set in the past, not normally a book I would read. I have to thank everyone who posted a review here or on Instragram, this is a true magical book to read, I loved it. 
We had a full house over the weekend, our Somerset grandsons came to visit, they dove up from Taunton with mummy and daddy. We love this school photo, they look so full of fun. 
The weekend flew by, it was so much fun, Saturday night we had pizza for tea and on Sunday we went to a local pub for lunch, Will and George came with their mummy and daddy. The 3 older boys played so well together, Logan and Finn were very kind to younger Will, baby George had loads of cuddles.

Evening time, we had a quiet and empty home, we were both tired and got an early night.
On Saturday daughter Su and I attended the 1st of our Makaton course,  I knew  Makaton was different than BSL sign language, I hope I don't start to mix them up. It will be good for both of us to know the same if we need to use it for George.
Today we have Will and its another busy day, I had a blood test this morning and Will came with me, he asked the nurse loads questions, we also did some tasks in the garden, Will is very helpful. Now we are watching Bob the builder, Christmas special, we have seen it loads of time, I think we purchased it for Josh many years ago, Will loves it. I am word perfect with the plot, the story is good.
Nothing planned for this afternoon, tomorrow I'm having a coffee morning here with sign ladies.


  1. I seem to be having trouble commenting at the moment so I'm not sure if my last comment went through or not. Anyway, I was saying that it was lovely that the boys got to spend some time together, and for you to spend time with them all too. I've seen Once Upon a River in various places and keep going to pick it up, but I haven't so far.

  2. Made me smile to see this book, that's in my 'to read' pile, a friend bought it and passed it on.
    A house full of family fun, perfect

  3. Funny how children never tire of favourite programmes, books etc. I used to know so many off by heart, but they still wanted to watch/read them again and again.
    Hope your coffee morning goes well.

  4. Wonderful weekend. Have fun tomorrow!

  5. I agree the book is magical. I downloaded it onto my kindle last October and then could not stop reading. A fabulous story.
    Enjoy the grandchildren, they grow so fast.

  6. It looks as if you had a wonderful time with your grandchildren. They grow up so quickly.

    Must see if our library has that book.

    God bless.



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