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Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Shades of green

The Japanese blood grass has started to grow in my head, I'm hoping it will fill this pot and look good, it's still inside my greenhouse.  
 It will soon be tulip time, these are new this year, red and white stripe, I have others in pots around the garden, again it's bulbs in pots, our heavy clay soil rots them in the ground. 
 I've given this pot a good drink in hope the plant grows straight again. 
 Lemongrass is getting huge, I will pop this into the big pot next month. The Olive which had it's roots damaged has come back, not sure what I shall do with it, I will probably find a spot somewhere in the garden. 
A friend has given me this glass pot, I had one back in 70's and loved it, not sure what I can grow in it, but it needs a good clean. 
Walking around our tiny garden is helping me keep calm, I worry about everything, so thoughts on this virus is never far from my mind, I know I can't live like this, so therefore I am ensuring I am outside each day. The greenhouse is looking good, still full of plants, I have popped my Bonsai Acer tree inside a bloody squirrel dug it out of it's pot and broke a tiny branch, it looks OK, only time will tell if the leaves come back, I am hoping it's a bit hardy.
We walk around our park, while we can, it's empty most of the time, but it does feel very good to be outside.
We are still walking to our local shops, but not every day, we hope by using them they can survive these times, I did buy baby food and nappies for George, it's not items we can do without, not stockpiling, just a pack to keep here. Our local shops are better stocked than the bigger supermarkets.
Soon it will be gardening time, where I can do things, I am still picking up the Magnolia blossom from the lawn, and pulling any weeds which dare to grow in our plot.  The thought of our garden brings me joy, this year we will manage with what we have, I do have some flower seeds to start.
Hubby has loaded loads of books on my ipad, and my knitting is calling, normal things are good for us.
Last night mummy sent photo's of Will, he has chicken pox, oh well he won't be going to nursery, might be for the best.


  1. Oh, poor Will with chicken pox!

    I am already noticing how grateful I am for so many things, especially my garden, if it ever stops raining I will be spending plenty of time out there while I'm not working at the charity shop.

  2. It's the same here, the smaller shops are better stocked than the larger ones. Poor Will, I hope he hasn't got Chicken Pox too bad. Eleanor got it when we were on holiday in Minorca, she was only a year old but luckily it wasn't too bad, Daniel came out in spots the day after we arrived home and was covered from head to toe, he was so poorly with it.

  3. Getting out in the fresh air and getting hands dirty is, I find, very therapeutic - although I often used to end up just sitting and enjoying looking at my handiwork!

  4. Oh no, poor Will. I do think its one of those illnesses to get when you are younger though. I hope he has it very mild and George escapes it.
    I've been sitting in the conservatory watching the birds and enjoying some simple things to try and stop the mind wandering and thinking about things that I would rather not. DH and I having to stay home with our health issues.
    Take care x

  5. If you want some more garden inspiration, search Youtube for Edible Acres. He recently put one up about what to do, during the isolation time - garden inspired, of course. He also has one of the best chicken compost set-ups of ever seen! On a domestic level that is. Always great to see your planted friends again. :)



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