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Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Clicking and growing

More knitting
 The sleeve join is not perfect, 
but I did leave a long end to darn any gaps.
It does look much better than on my 1st try.
 The sleeves knit up quick.
 I will have no sewing together, I love circular needles.
On a different note, please don't judge me, but I am hoarding, I have only taken what I need for the next 3 months, and there was plenty left on the shelves, the fine weather is allowing me into the garden and I feel better for it.
 One compost and farmyard manure for my new big tub and a John Innes number 1 for the flower seeds I already have. These will last the summer and allow me to grow things, I always have the need to grow.
I think the garden is going to be my safe place for the next few months, I said there was little I required, and now I won't be able to get anything, we have no plans to go anywhere. I will post garden photo's next time, I have done loads, this sunshine is really doing wonders for the soul and the garden.
Our fence should have been replaced this week, but that is now on hold, hubby and I have done as much as we can to keep it from falling down.
We have plenty of things which are nice to do at home, our daughter is insisting she will collect our shopping orders, so we are planning to have a peaceful time at home together. We will walk once a day to our local park, but keeping distance from everyone.
We are now freezing one portion of every meal we make, just in case we become ill and not want to cook, we are both feeling OK, and by the middle of the week will have been isolated long enough to know we are not showing signs of the virus. We hope not to need to go out much before the weekend, when hubby will pop to the farm shop again, what we do not have we can manage without.


  1. I much prefer circular needles rather than having to sew up seams. I think many of us will be thankful of our gardens this year, a bit of fresh air is vital for mental health and looking after our gardens is something we're able to do in the time of uncertainty we find ourselves in at present.

  2. Hi hun, no one will judge you *hugs*. I think some people are hoarding to make a profit selling it (you only have to look at ebay),which is a totally different thing :). Hubby and I are also self isolating for 3 months (due to his age and my asthma)and like you are planning time in our garden. We do have an allotment but can't goto it so we are turning our back garden into a mini one. Growing things is great for mental health! Your knitting is brilliant. I am a beginner knitter and am just about to embark on a pair of sock - wish me luck*lol*! *hugs* Goldensunflowerx

  3. I wasn’t organised to get any in! So I’m going to have to do a compost stock take tomorrow and see how I can eke it out. My Sainsbury’s does sell general compost, it may have to come under my essential shopping! :)

  4. I don't think you could be accused of hoarding. Many of us buy supplies like that at the start of the growing season anyway. I am glad you will have the garden to keep you busy (and your knitting, of course) - it is certainly good for the spirit to get outside like that. Take care and stay safe, Mxx

  5. DH was only saying today he should have had some compost delivered. Ann's comment made me smile about it being essential shopping, it is for a grower.

  6. I agree with Ann & Julie :-). It irritates the ***** out of me that off-licenses can stay open but garden centres have to close.

    I know which is more essential in my world!



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