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Monday, 23 March 2020

Families separated.

Baby George rolled over onto his tummy for the 1st time over the weekend, at just 4 months old, mummy was so excited. We will never be sure of his progress, he will do things in his own time, but even the smallest signs of progress we will take. 
The best cards always have tiny hand writing in, this is from our Somerset boys, clever mummy left here a few weeks ago. Hubby normally gets me a card and flowers, he was told please don't, it's an unnecessary risk to get them. 

My knitting so far, I am working out the details as I go, the yoke was the biggest issue, I have everything crossed this is now correct size. I have separated the sleeve stitches onto holders.
  I've done 21 cms, which should be enough, it felt right when hubby held it against my back, not stretched at all. 
 I thought the join for the sleeves and the body looked a bit scrappy, so I decided to cast on 4 stitches between the front and the back sections, when I knit up the sleeves I can knit across these stitches rather than picking up stitches from a smaller gap. 
I made sure the final row of garter stitch was very neat and tidy, I am loving how quickly this is knitting, it's a simple design made beautiful with the hand dyed yarn from Burrow & Soar. 
There are more stitches on this 2nd knit, on both the sleeves and the body, the design is a snug fit, I am aiming for a jacket type finish. Most of the extra design is now done, I just need to knit the body straight. I will have to reduce the number of stitches on the sleeve, but I made a note on the previous sleeves where the shaping would take place. Once I have finished this ball of yarn, I will knit the sleeves, the stitch holders are catching in my knitting, and I don't want any snags.
We had a quiet weekend, no visits on Mothering Sunday, but we said stay away, daughter was upset as she had card and gift for me, but I asked her to stay at home and enjoy her day with Will and George. We will catch up when it's safe.
Hubby went out on his motorbike on Sunday, it was a warm sunny day, he ensured he drove past a local farm shop, they are allowing you just enough for a week, not huge amounts but if used carefully it will last. Later we spent time in the garden, it was another beautiful sunny day.
My last post was targeted by an anonymous comment, not spam, it was foul, I read it, it's OK if you want people our age to die quickly, that's your opinion, we live in a world with free speech. Comment again if you want to, I will never publish such dribble, and it does not upset me to read your views.


  1. Morning Marlene, what a lovely sunny day. George is adorable. How clever of you to adapt a pattern and adjust it to how you want it, I look forward to seeing the finished article. I've had that spam comment too, a few times now, Sue from Suffolk also has, like you I just delete it, it doesn't bother me.

  2. How lovely that George has reached a milestone. Every baby is different and they all do things in their own time. It's hard for everyone at the moment being kept away from loved ones, you must be missing all those baby cuddles. You'll just have to make up for it when you do get to see them again. Glad the cardigan knitting is going well, best to get it right than have something you wouldn't end up wearing.

  3. Oh Marlene I had the same comment! To be honest I wasn't feeling my best on Friday night and when I read it on Saturday it did upset me. Why people do this I don't know.
    You have made great progress on you cardigan, you'll have it done in no time. No visitors here yesterday either, it's strange not seeing the grandchildren :-(
    Take care

  4. I had the same horrible comment too, Marlene, I deleted mine permanently as soon as I saw it.
    Baby George is gorgeous!
    Stay safe x

  5. No visitors for us yesterday.I missed seeing my daughter and granddaughters.You are making great progress with your cardigan.Looking forward to seeing the finished garment.

  6. Same horrible comment here as well. This is why I started comment moderation, so no one else could see the terrible things this person was saying. In fact I just got notification they posted again.

    Good for George on rolling over!!

    God bless.

  7. Wow. I'm sad to hear about the comments everyone is receiving. That's the last thing you need to deal with during times we should be sticking together.
    Wonderful work on the cartigan, and good job George!

  8. I also got that foul comment. It got deleted to my spam folder and hopefully Google will soon take care of it.
    You are so clever with your knitting - one very talented lady. Lovely to see George roll over. You will miss them, as we all will miss those we must isolate from. But all for the best. These times will pass. Until then, stay safe, Mxx.

  9. Long time, no visit. I've been avoiding the internet to enjoy the calm of silence - when I can get it. Did I miss something with baby George? It sounds like you have concerns about his progress. I hope he is well, as with the rest of your family.

    1. George is our special Downs syndrome baby.

    2. Thanks for the clarification, M. He's a gem. :)

  10. George is growing lovely, a milestone for him to be turning so quickly, that's really super.
    Technology is so wonderful right now being able to chat to family, I've just had a talk with my granddaughter telling me she had finished her latest read. The level of communication and conversation in the young is hopefully a good positive out of this awful situation.
    with love x



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