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Saturday, 7 March 2020

Wet windy and bored

It's just so bloody wet, there I have said it, I should not moan at all, my garden is wet but not flooded, the house is dry and warm, with so many people having flooded homes, we consider ourselves very lucky. But after weeks of rain, even with a few sunny mornings last week, we have had enough. Plenty of reading and craft time, but our walls are closing in on us. 
 This sock is for SIL, Will's daddy, I was told bright colours and fun, so that's what he has got, these will be another Christmas gift, and at a size 9 foot alot smaller than the other 2 pairs I have made. I just need to ensure I get the foot length right. 
Another good book, I did not see the ending coming, took me by surprise, can't say much, I don't want to give the plot away, book 16. 
 We went shopping on Thursday morning to Lidl, and these came home with me, I can never have too many nasties. I am itching to plant things in the garden, but I have so little room, and it's too early. I am expecting hubby to soon say we have enough plants in the house. 
 This is Ficus Microcarpa, a bonsai plant, I have put a link to RHS page, where you can read more, BUT I did not pay their price, mine was £4.49, it will have to stay in my office in the sun and warm. I am reading on how to keep it alive. I love the dark shiny leaves, just like my citrus and coffee plants, these are much smaller.
The latter half of the week has been much the same as recent posts, I have not been out much, the cold rain does stop any desire to do much. I am still knitting my cardigan, after saying how big the sock foot sizes were to knit, the cardigan is huge. I am itching to do things, reading and knitting are great, but I think we are both stir crazy.
We did visit a wood workshop in the village which is moving premises, sadly away from the village, they were offering wood to anyone who could use it. I wanted some small pieces of hard wood, for an idea I have, once I have results, I will do a post.
Got my haircut again, I'm really pleased, my hairdresser knows how I like it cut, she came to my house, so I had housework to do after.
I'm out today, youngest daughter and I are doing the 1st of 2 Makaton course today, my sign launage should help me. I do love all sign language, and it's always fun to learn new things.


  1. Our weather has been so different this week, we've actually had some sunshine, though the ground is taking a long time to dry out after all the rain we've had. I do love those socks, I'm a big fan of stripes and they're lovely and colourful.

  2. I think we’ve all got a touch of Cabin Fever at present 😢

  3. Love those socks :-)
    I think we are all just about fed-up with the rain, although it was lovely here yesterday, first day in a long time. Today is at least dry, for the moment but I've no desire to go and do anything in the garden, the ground is still too wet.

  4. I love plants for the house that take very little looking after.

    Those socks! What a fun look.

    God bless.

  5. I'm also sick of this persistent wet weather. It may have given me the opportunity to get on with the not-quite-spring cleaning but I'm desperate to spend some time outdoors.
    The socks look fab. X

  6. Too much rain here again too.
    I saw the book in the library this week, but got others to read.



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