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Friday, 20 December 2019

New start

 A couple of bloggers have started knitting these squares, 
I have wanted to knit something different
 These are much smaller than I expected,
5cm is about 2 inches.
 I do like the finished look, 
but it's going to be loads of sewing up.
 These are not a for a gift, 
but I'm glad they will be finished before Christmas day
 Not too much left to do.
I am also doing a granny square crochet blanket, which is packed away for a couple of weeks, so I can't take a photo, but I started in this post. I have noticed yarn from different suppliers, whilst all 4 ply ( I don't knit with any other type), should be the same, but some are woven tighter or the different types of yarns and therefore thinner, normally not a problem, because I don't mix yarns. With the crochet squares I find they can come out different sizes, so I make one test square to ensure it's the same size.
I intend only to use the yarn from my advent calender for my knitting, so these should be no issues, I will have to purchase more, I'm not sure what size I want. The squares are much smaller then I expected, I can make 5 squares out of my 10grm ball, I have double checked the instructions and I'm making them correct. I have 29 balls, ( I got extra in the summer), so 29 x 5 is 145, if I stiched them in rows of 12, for 12 rows, it will make a square blanket sized 60cm or 24 inches, I of course could make an oblong. I am also thinking of making a few bigger squares ( same size as 4 stitched together) to give a bit more interest to the blanket.
I was not going to start anything new until Christmas eve, but opened these wnderful yarns each morning is just pure joy, Hedgerow yarns you have captured my heart.


  1. Eeek, I wouldn't fancy sewing all those squares together. I'm picking up the stitches on the squares I'm knitting so that there's no sewing up at all, my least favourite thing about knitting anything. If you'd prefer larger squares you can just cast on a bigger number of stitches, I cast on 46 stitches for each of my squares. I love Hedgerow Yarns, there's some really good dyers out there.

  2. I was going to suggest picking up stitches for your blankets too! I have not made a mitre square blanket but do plan to do one at some time in the future. I have two blanket from minis/leftovers on the go - one is the Battenburg Blanket (from Cherry Heart) and a 'seedy sock' blanket (my own design) which is single moss stitch using one strand of coloured sock yarn and a strand of solid 4ply (I am using Drops Nord). I am making the Battenburg in cream and lighter tones, and the seedy sock blanket with brighter sock yarn and black Nord.

  3. ooo those squares are so cute :D how are you going to attach them together? I have seen someone knitting them together rather than sewing but not sure if that's what you're wanting to do.

  4. I've mastered the mitred square. It's nice and mindless and no sewing up my squares are around 2.5 inches in each direction



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