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Monday 6 March 2023

A warm finish

I have finally finished this blanket, I have worked non stop to get it done before this cold spell, hubby loves it, I'm just glad it's finished and I can do other crafts. It's just simple stripes, which was quicker than squares and less ends to stitch in, I was undecided as to adding a gold boarder top and bottom, but hubby said no. I finished it on Saturday.
The colours are Welsh Guards, with added gold. We sit at night with our lap blankets through this cold spell, looking like a pair of oldies.
I am sketching February's section, we did more last month so filling the space should be easier, I am giving myself another week for the sketching, then I will catch up with the stitching, I am looking forward to seeing this grow.
I have manage to do some cross stitch, and I enjoyed every moment, it was fun to be back on this design, I am beginning to feel I might stitch as much of this circular design as the space allows. I've not done much, but it's now back as my 1st go to project, last seen here

I have loads of crafting to catch up with, but firstly I want to get all the badges sewn on our young neighbours scout blanket, I hope I can use my sewing machine, the blanket is a bit thinner than I would have used. Once that is done I have 3 more scrappy patchwork squares to make, these will make a new cushion cover for the sitting room, I also have the small Christmas cushions to take apart and remake into one bigger cushion, so loads of machine work. My hexagons are all made into flowers, all the spare ones have been gifted to sell for charity, I have no plans to stich anymore, and I have no idea what to use my huge pile of flowers. These are much the same things as I listed in January, everything was on hold for hubby's blanket.

I am looking for a book to read, I have a few here, so it's just a case of picking one. I got myself a new crafting lamp, with a better daylight bulb, which means I can craft more in the evenings, the light has three settings, warm, normal and daylight and angles well, so I can keep any bright light towards me and not hubby.

Sunday we had another hour in the garden, everything is now back in it's place, with a couple of pots moved, I can't wait until next month when the warmer weather starts, I love spring as it's a time of watching so many things reappear. Just need to get through the next few days, it's getting cold again. 


  1. Love the blanket. The colours look great together. It's getting really cold again here too. I forgot to take gloves with me on the dog walk yesterday and my fingers were nearly blue with the cold.

  2. The blanket looks so cozy - I can just see the two of you sitting there all wrapped up (I do it myself!). Stay warm :)

  3. What a nice blanket, I bet that keeps your Hubby nice and comfy. We wrap up in quilts here so we look like oldies as well.

    God bless.

  4. I do like the blanket ...
    It's important to keep warm during cold spells.

    All the best Jan

  5. Blankets are a great addition in this weather, I always put one over my lap when I sit down, it's surprising how it takes the chill off. Hubby gives me a funny look if I say put a blanket over you if you're cold, he would sooner turn the heating on all the time, if I let him 😒 ha ha



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