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Tuesday 17 January 2023


 I've had a few days off from this cross stitch project, I was struggling to choose which design to use on the left hand side, I realised my issue was I was unsure how much space I have there. I had always planned the two or 3 designs for the bottom left corner, and I also knew I wanted 2 complete oblong designs along the left boarder, so I have popped the bigger side bars on, and I am doing the lower designs, this way once finished I can know what designs to fill the middle section. 

I am loving stitching these hexagons together, I can stitch 4 flowers most evenings, it's a restful thing to be doing, and of course Grace gets to sit on my lap. My work box is emptying, each flower uses 7 hexagons, I still have some to sew around the paper template, I'm not sure I will use them, the workbox sits by my chair, tucked out of sight, so easy to pull out and work from. I still have no idea what to make with the stitched flowers, I have far more than expected.

Another small project is for me to unpick these 5 small cushions, which I have made over the years, I intend to stitch them into one big cushion cover, which will be easier to have out at Christmas. Over the years these have been sat on, tucked out of the way, last year I did not get them out. I am thinking a patchwork design around them. I intend to make just a cushion cover, so in December I can pop it over a cushion I already have.
My first attempt at patchwork freestyle, this is using some of my many scraps of cotton, I am sewing them onto another piece of backing fabric, I did cut the backing fabric in one big size, but decided to cut it again into 4 and make four similar designs just over 7" square. Once all four are done I can sew them together, with or without extra fabric boarders, which would make a cushion cover or a front for another bag, I don't need either, but I don't want to not use it and still have it in my stash. There are alot of greys in this design, but the blue cutting board has distorted the colours, I really enjoyed doing this, took me about an hour, mainly because it took ages choosing what to stitch next. 

Saturday was wet as we got up, but it dried slightly and we managed to get out for a short walk, so another day at home with nothing much to do, it was dull the whole day. Thank goodness hubby and I get on so well, we are spending too much time home alone. 

Sunday we woke up to blue skies, hubby got all the towels on the line, it was windy enough to get rid of most of the damp. We popped out, we need cat food, which we purchase it in tins, and Grace is fussy eater, so we went to find her food, most places only sell pouches, and like everything else the price is now so much more. We still get our cat food in tins as they recycle easier, less shops sell tins. I know you can recycle pouches, but the local store is in an area we only go to every 5-6 weeks and I don't want to have to store used pouches. We also got cleaning items and a few tins of food. 

Monday we took the bus to town for our fruit and veg, again the stall was not there, we are going to check other markets to see if they go, we do love their fresh produce. Hubby got a new battery put into his watch, I got some more bread, and we popped into Wilkinson's for a few items. We did not stay out long, the wind is now bitter cold, I'm a soft southerner. 

Today is sign group, I have had a cough for over a week, it's annoying in the day time and can keep me awake at night, so I decided to miss the group today, quite a few of the ladies are older and I don't want to pass on germs. I spoke to my doctor on a follow up call, he thinks my issues are all a result of my kidney infection last year, and whilst I still have a few abnormal results, they are within an acceptable level, he want's just one more test, if that's OK, then I will have another blood test in 3 months to see if I am back to where I should be. I am happy with his diagnosis and how he has checked everything relevant. 


  1. You're so talented, Marlene....all I can do is sew on a button! My cough from the virus 4 weeks ago is still lingering, although I'm certainly coughing a lot less now. It's annoying, isn't it.

  2. There seems to be a lot of coughs going around at the moment, do hope yours will clear up soon!

    In the present cold weather stay warm and perhaps enjoy some soup, it's so warm and comforting.

    All the best Jan

  3. Such lovely work. A very talented lady.

    God bless.

  4. I love the new patchwork blocks. They turned out great.

  5. Lovely patchwork, Marlene, you have a lot of patience.
    I hope your cough goes away very soon. These bugs don't half seem to linger right now.



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