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Wednesday 15 March 2023

March colour

My daffodils from the garden are opening, they are beautiful and give so much colour to the sitting room. Amaryllis buds are in front, the shorter one is opening.
Colour in the downstairs bathroom, these bloom for weeks.
These blooms are slow to open, 
but as it has taken me a year to get to get to this point, I can wait. 
Meanwhile outside

Primroses are stunning this time of year, I have removed 2 side clumps and planted them elsewhere in our garden. I'm not keen on the many coloured Primulas, preferring the traditional pale yellows.  
Hellebores are always brilliant at this time of year,  
I now have 4 different colours. 
Teta-a-teta are everywhere, they clump and spread, I dug some out of this bed last year, they are growing in our rose bed. 
On the metal table, a simple white section, the hyacinth have flowered for weeks, when they go over I will pop the bulbs in my raised bed by back door. The snowdrops were much later to bloom, again I have thinned out the pot. 

As most of you will know, I hate cold and wet, so being outside is not an option, I only go out if I must, so loads of time inside. Monday was sunny, but very windy, our neighbours empty bin took a roll down the street, we got our bedding dried on the line, everything kept there with extra pegs. Tuesday was sign group another fun morning.

Not so much on this week, we went to a showroom to look a internal wooden shutters for our front 2 windows, I have wanted them for ages, our hanging blinds are now too long with our new windows, so they need replacing. Firstly they are expensive, on looking into them, I am very unsure, we have set aside the cost and all it needs is for me to say, yes, but and it's a big BUT, I'm not sure, really not sure, they are what I wanted, but is that what I want for the windows, I am so confused. 

All my post are imported into my 2020 book, it's all done by hand, I have a routine which I use, streamlined to get it done quickly, I will have to read through each page and edit, normally the best bit, but 2020 was not a great year. I have also done one post on my 2021 book, I have ensured the covers match all the previous books and the page grids, fonts and headers match.  I have not read any books for weeks, I'm not able to settle and pick one up, I have plenty of other things to do, I am working on my cross stitch design, and sketching my wheel designs for February. 


  1. We bought shutter blinds for our kitchen-they look exactly as I pictured, are much admired and I hate them. If they hadn’t cost so much money I would have replaced them with a simpler roller blind as we had before. They need constant cleaning and and every little splash or mark is so noticeable. Catriona.

  2. It is lovely to see colour appearing in the garden again. We are in Scotland at the moment and the flowering gorse is wonderful. I like the look of the shutters but they do restrict the amount of light coming in to a room especially if you have smaller windows - our living room only gets sun in the morning so we stuck with a white wooden slatted blind that gves a similar look from the outside but we can fully raise up during the day if it is dull outside. I have noticed that there are an increasing number of houses that we see where the blinds or curtains are nearly always closed during the day - not sure if this is a new trend and the reason the new shutters are very popular or whether it is a time pressure thing when people have to get themselves out the door for work and don't have time to open them!
    Hope you can make a decision on this one as unlike curtains they are not so easy to change.

  3. I do love all Spring flowers and tree blossom. It's still too cold, wet and windy to be out in the garden though, I agree.

  4. Your spring garden is looking very pretty. If you really want the shutters, I'd say go for it. Life is much too short to deny yourself something that would make you happy every time you looked at them.

  5. Your garden is looking very colourful. No flowers on either of my cactus (cacti), they didn't have many at Christmas so dont know whats going on with them, they look very healthy otherwise. Two of my daughters have shutters at their windows, they do look lovely but they also stop a lot of light I think. I would have liked them at our bedroom window but there is no window ledge so don't think I could.

  6. Your garden is looking lovely. I also love Primroses, I just have no luck in growing them.

    God bless.

  7. I think your garden looks lovely, it's always a joy to see the spring flowers coming through.

    All the best Jan



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