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Monday 27 March 2023

Doing it my way

Online I found the details of my Albuca Spiralis Frizzle Sizzle, it says they produce a vanilla smell, which is lovely, as I sit by my desk, the scent is beautiful. I will be sorry once these blooms go over.
My Orchid is still good, the taller bud is starting to open, so I should have flowers for another week or more. 
Happy to have finished knitting the back it's the same as the brown back, I always mark the row at each decrease row, so the front and back all matches. I also never cast off the final middle stitches, as always they then ask you to pick them up for the neck band, so I just leave mine on a stitch holder.
 Making a start on the front, just as always I am changing how I attach the front pockets, I have knitted to the top of the pocket, I then picked up the 26 stitches required for the insert, these were taken from a row of my work, in this case the top of the rib row, doing this keeps the bottom flat, I much prefer not to have to stitch in the bottom of the pockets. 

I have so many projects on the go, my big cross stitch, my calendar wheel embroidery, I have started a book, I still have not finished the badges on the blanket, and as April gets closer, I have new bunting to make for our garden, just colourful, not coronation fabrics. So I'm knitting a second cardi, I am enjoying knitting at the moment, and I will need a couple of warm cardi's for the evenings outside in May. 

I am still planning what to do in the garden, I want to move some tall daffs, which are in the wrong place, they can go into the red rose bed, I have loads of teta a teta need thinning out in the side bed, these will go into the raised bed. I have one shrub which is getting bigger I want to move, I have another to replace it, but as yet, I can't decide where to move it to, it might be in a pot for this summer. Hubby has stated he would like a water feature with running water, our huge pebbles in the dish are always green and horrible looking, our tasted differ hugely, so it might take a while to find something, it also needs to be solar to stay in the same position.

Saturday was a lazy day, morning with Molly, whilst George and Will did their sponsor walk around the local woods, I knitted in the afternoon. Saturday we lost an hour in the night and I had the worse night sleep, I got up late and tired, it rained all day, so more knitting time. 

Molly spots look like chickenpox but we are not sure, they are going around again, so I won't be going to sign group this Tuesday, as I am one of the youngest, and I don't want to risk infecting anyone, I will have Molly and George on Tuesday, as daughter won't be able to take them out. Wednesday we are popping to Ikea, we don't need any furniture, but just a few smaller bits. 


  1. Love your jumper, I do love a cable pattern. I hope Molly doesn't suffer too much with the chicken pox, it can be very uncomfortable

  2. You certainly seem to have a lot of projects on the go ...

    I don't like the Spring change of clocks, it seems to take me a few days to adjust to the hours time difference!

    Wishing you a good week, and hope Molly gets better soon.

    All the best Jan

  3. I do hope Molly isn't to poorly if she has chicken pox.
    Love the colour and pattern of your long cardigan.

  4. Hope Molly is feeling a bit better. The sweater is coming along nicely.

    God bless.



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