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Friday 10 March 2023

Busy week

 Daughter and I went on a local hotel spa trial day on Monday, we had one treatment each, I had a foot and leg massage, then 2 hours in the spa and a lunch. Daughter had a head and neck massage, I was careful with treatments as I did not want to irritate my back, sadly the treatment was just rubbing in oils into my feet and legs, the spa was lovely, but lunch was suburb, we both had a beetroot starter and I had a salmon Caesar salad, with a glass of Prosecco and no issues with my nut allergy. Afterwards daughter gave me some make-up advice using some tinted moisturiser, we have the same skin tones, so hers worked well on me. 

Tuesday our sign group went to a garden centre for coffee, chat and a mooch around, the centre was not great, it's a Dobbies, which I find overpriced, it's to early in the year to get plants. The rest of the day I spent cross stitching and resting, I am loving being able to sew again.

Wednesday was a day at home, I did get my hair cut, which is strange as I am growing it again, I can't decide what to do with my hair. I did a good clean around the whole house, which always makes me feel good. My last Amaryllis is a nice height, and the flowers on my Albuca Spiralis Frizzle Sizzle are about to open, We have loads of pink blooms showing on our magnolia tree, no snow in the morning, just cold and raining.

Thursday hubby and I went on a pottery course, at a local arts centre, just a few hours of fun, the tutor was very informative and helpful, she explained how to hand build things and set us to work, she then called us one by one to the potters wheel, she centred the clay and showed us how to work it, and then talked each of us through how to throw a dish. Every dish was a different shape, some had straight sides, mine is more like a bowl. I also made an oval plaque for our wall, I did add a flower, which should be still there after firing, I then made a small hand built pot which is lower at the front, which I will have a use for, any unpainted clay will fire pure white, so my plaque is very simple. Hubby made a pant pot saucer, he struggled with what to make, but he did enjoy the course, it will be a few weeks before we get our pieces back.

We did a bit of shopping on Thursday afternoon in town, I will show next time my little haul. It rained all day on Thursday and was much warmer, temperature just in double figures. I am really pleased to have done so much more this week, hubby and I are hoping for a day out twice a month, daughter wants a day out together once a month, so we are all looking for things to do. 

Today Friday, I have nothing to do, I ache after last nights Pilates class, so I'm not planning to do much, We did have Molly booked for the morning, but daddy is at home this week, so she is staying in the warm with him, tonight I am babysitting whilst mummy and daddy have some time to themselves, they will eat out and find a film to watch. We have a couple of companies coming to price internal shutters for our two new windows, we are unsure if they will work on our huge window, so hopefully we will see samples and make a decision, if not we will replace our defuser blinds, as our existing ones are slightly too long.


  1. I think those pots and the plaque is lovely. The simple lines of all of those pieces (including the plant saucer) show how much work you both put in to try and get things smooth and correct.

    God bless.

  2. I've always fancied trying pottery classes, don't know why I never got round to it.

  3. The pottery class sounded like fun :)

  4. I love watching 'the great pottery throwdown' on tele and would love to have a go myself, looks like you made a good job of that bowl.

  5. It sounds a good week.
    The pottery class does sound very good.

    All the best Jan



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