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Thursday, 23 March 2023

Spring is arriving

Every time we pop out of our back door we can smell the hyacinths, the bed is in the shade so most bulbs bloom much later, so no daffodils as yet. 
The side bed is full of yellow blooms, many different sizes and types of blooms. I thought I had dug all the hyacinths out, but two remain. The rose bushes have been cut back, this photo was taken and I popped back with my secateurs, they will shoot from lower down and stay a lower height.
I popped some daffodils in this new rose bed, I do need more, it's a good start. I want to remove the bulbs from my raised bed, so once they have gone over, I will transplant them into this area.  I do need to wait and see what grows here this year, and add to any empty spots. 
My two big spring pots and full of growth, there are a mixture of bubs in both pots, I have forgotten what I planted so it will be a surprise as to what blooms. My blooms on my metal table are starting to go over, I will change my small pots around again. 
My Chinese witch hazel has looked good all winter, the leaf colour is very welcome in the cooler months, the plant is now full of new growth.  I am hoping for loads of new growth again this year and loads of it's tiny red flowers.
I don't grow many tulips and only ever in pots, they rot in our clay soil, these are a dark red colour to match the hellebore, again another pot with mixed plants in, hopefully colour all year, it sits outside the greenhouse door and can be seen from the house. 
Our magnolia tree is trying very hard, loads of buds have been blown off this year, but it is producing more, the right hand side of the tree is almost bare, I can't wait to see these open. I love the tree full of pink blooms, the leaves always follow the blooms. 

I love all the new growth this time of year, I am itching to get outside, even with our milder temperatures, it's still a bit early, I have done some work to tidy my beds, but I will wait. I have planted some cucumber and tomato seeds,  just enough for our own use, I have a couple packs of French marigold seeds to start, they are hubby's favourite flower, so I always make space for them. The rain is back, which is OK, will help the garden, and keep me inside a bit longer. 

I have been busy knitting, I was doing very well, then I noticed I had done a twist the wrong way and unpicked over 30 rows, I am now checking very closely, it is growing photo's next time. I have not done any cross stitch or my calendar wheel, which is OK, I will get to them both soon. 


  1. I just love the smell of hyacinths, I had a pot of pink ones on my kitchen windowsill that have just finished. I love all Spring flowers, actually.

  2. I love that magnificent Magnolia tree and the black Hellebores are just WOW ! The Chinese Witch Hazel is just stunning . Mine is a lot smaller than yours but I noticed it has two extraordinary red spidery flowers on this morning and I am just bowled over with it . I'm so glad you've got one too, it is a real beauty isn't it ? !! 💐

    1. It took a while for mine to thrive, but like you I love it.

  3. Spring flowers are so cheerful, and I love the smell of hyacinths :)

  4. You can't beat the fabulous smell of hyacinths ...
    I always love to see magnolia trees.

    Wishing you a good weekend.
    We are going to watch the Boat Race on Sunday :)

    All the best Jan

  5. Such lovely harbingers of spring to have greet you each morning.

    God bless.



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