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Friday 17 March 2023

What next

I have added another design, this was taken from a heart design, which was stitched all in red, I enjoyed using other colours, I altered the pink bands so I could fill the space with this design. I have also done more on the wheel section.
I had a annoying dirty mark on my fabric, so I stitched a pale pink flower over it, I love stitching these flowers, so I did another one under the gold band. Soon I will be moving this on the frame to work on the right hand side, I will pattern down to match the left side level, and then I will work from the bottom up, I love neat lines along most of the edge, it makes the work look complete and tidy. 
This is our 'office' view, the blinds allow the light in and privacy, as long as we don't turn the light on, it does get too sunny, that's why we have two roller blinds, the window is too big for one roller blind,  hubby uses his more than mine. I often do small craft projects here, we sit at our computers most mornings, I can spend a couple of hours here, when doing my blog book.
 The shutters from the outside will look perfect and there are no issues with the spare bedroom, but I have decided not to go ahead, for us to be private we would need to have them tilted, which stops the light and the view out. We should have ordered them this week, but with the cost being so high and I am so unsure, so we are looking at a few different options. 
We popped out on Thursday to Dunelm, looking at vertical and roller blinds, and any other options we could find. Close to the store is Home bargains and B&Q, I was in need of 10 strawberry plants for my tower, no strawberry plants yet, but lovely white Camelia's, the one in the pot is for hubby's sisters birthday, and the other is for our garden, I do have a spare pot. 

I did think my head would explode this week, all this information and worry, the shutters are very expensive, almost the same cost as the replacement windows, there are cheaper options, but I always want smooth neat lines, visiting the showroom stopped me in my tracks. We don't often spend any time sat at our desks at night, so it is all about daytime use. We have had this set up for over ten years and it works well, I just thought the upgrade to shutter would be good, and really embraced the idea. Your comments helped me, I knew they would get dusty, we have wooden floors so dust can be an issue here. So as Lord Sugar says, 'the hunt goes on'

I have started knitting myself a Aran cardigan and picked up a book to read, which is  daft as I have so many other things to finish, but I'm sure you will all nod your head and understand. My garden is calling, but still I will wait a few more weeks. 


  1. What a shame about the shutters - you can have them split so that you can open the top half and leave the bottom ones closed if privacy is an issue. There are also those new cellular honeycomb blinds (think that is the name) they are kind of boxy and are very popular at the moment - you see them in a lot of new builds - from the outside no one can see in and you can tip them closed and still get diffused daylight through.
    Good luck with the blind hunting. Your needlework is exquisite.

  2. I am loving your take on inside shutters, I have actually been thinking of those for our hall window. Now I am not too sure.

    Your stitching is coming along very well. Love the colours and lines.

    God bless.

  3. Good luck with the blind hunting.
    Have a lovely weekend.

    All the best Jan

  4. It's always a worry that you're doing the right thing when you're spending a lot of money on something for the house, it's got to be worth it. It makes sense to do your homework and make sure that you're making the right decision. I hope you find something which works for you, it seems there's a lot to consider with privacy and light, and of course, you want them to look good too. Yes, I can understand you starting some new things. It doesn't matter what projects we have on the go, it's always nice to start something new.

  5. Your stitching is absolutely beautiful, I love it.
    The office looks great and I understand your hesitancy about blinds and shutters etc. It takes me ages to decide on that sort of thing too. It would be an expensive mistake if you didn't like them afterwards.

  6. Your stitching is looking amazing! Looking forward to seeing your cardigan :)



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