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Saturday 4 March 2023

Getting outside.

Thursday was sunny and the wind dropped, so hubby and I went outside, he put 2 post into the raspberry bed, and attached the black spiral poles to wire, he used an old fence post to save money, I popped out my lovely trellis, this bed is now ready, there is some new growth already. 
The two arches from the back of the raspberry bed has been moved to along our back fence, I now have five of these, I did think of passing them on, but I will train my climbers along here, and of course put some lights out, I already have some, purchased earlier this year. 
My white Christmas rose, I have planted in front of the big raised bed, this spot gets loads of shade from the Magnolia tree in the summer, and more importantly we can see it from the house. 
This is the most important view, and I am such a happy lady, the fence is done, no issues at all, we are private again and with concrete post any future damage should be easy to deal with. It was hard work, with so many huge overgrown plants next to the fence, but the guy was an expert, and dug deep holes to ensure the post never move. Hubby got the stain out and have painted two coats.
I have separated these plants as they have grown big, the two in single pots are original plants, the triple planted are babies off this plant,  once they were all planted together, I am hoping these three babies grow as big and lovely as the mother plant, which is in my greenhouse. The white plastic pots are for kitchen use, but they are also great for plants. 
It felt so good to be out in the garden, getting the only job done so early was good, my raspberries can grow and not be disturbed, we even managed to sit and have a coffee on our bench, Purdy our cat joined us, felt so good. The wind dropped for a couple of hours and it was perfect to be working outside, I cut back my winter jasmine, it was very woody and most of the new growth was over the fence on our lovely neighbours side, which they can't see because they have a huge shed. 

Friday was such a good day, I was worried, but our neighbour only appeared once to allow the man out through her side gate, she allowed him to work on the last panel from her side, which has never happened before. All the huge overgrown plants along her side of the boundary fence made the task much harder, but it's done, we now have a private garden and we are both looking forward to better weather and time outside.  

Saturday I was up early, this bloody cough is back, so we both wrapped up warm and spent a couple hours in the garden, hubby painting, me separating a few spring plants and moving them around, hopefully in the week we can get all the pots sorted and my black fence around the acer again, there is no rush other than to get it all tidy. 

We did walk to the village, I popped 3 coats into the Salvation Army clothes bins, I prefer to use the bins rather than charity shops for all our clothes, I am looking for a child's pushchair and doll for Molly, hoping to find them in a charity shop, it's time to mix up the toys, George loves being a daddy to Molly's dolls as well. I also got 4 huge dinosaurs, all for just £10, another bargain.  No pushchair but I will keep looking and I will make another Launa Lupin rabbit for Molly. 


  1. Good to know you had no hassle from your neighbour, job done and you have privacy. The fence and your garden look good.

  2. The fence looks really good, and I know it will make such a difference to your garden enjoyment :)

  3. The fence looks good, we need to get part of our fence replaced this year if we can, I'm trying to get someone to do a job at the moment but 2 people have left samples and not come back to me with quotes, hopefully this third one does, trying to get people to do work is a nightmare.

    1. We had 3 people come and never quoted, another made his price so high not to get the job.

  4. Must be such a relief to have the fence up and with no problems from next door. And lovely to get out in the garden for a while.

  5. So pleased you had no problem with your neighbour, the fence does look good.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    All the best Jan

  6. I am glad that you have your privacy back. The fence looks perfect.

    How wonderful to be out in the garden once more. I can only wish.

    God bless.



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