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Thursday 30 March 2023

Feeling good

Tuesday we had a busy morning with Molly and George, they are like twins now, Molly is almost 2 and George 4 later this year, loads of laughter and a room full of toys, best way to spend a morning. They sat in our chairs with our lap blankets after lunch to relax for a while, both thought it was hilarious, I love their happy faces.  
My pockets are done, I worked on both front sides, so I could match pockets, I am super pleased with how tidy they look, I do love a pocket in a long cardi. I have now finished the right front and I'm working on the left front. This is so simple it really quick to knit. 
So many people are having issues with Blogger, every day I am finding new comment notifications in my spam and most are from years ago, how annoying, I do hope no one thinks I deleted any comments, these have been lost in the system for years. I have checked the post before publishing the comment, and I never find the comment. 

Hubby put the new blinds up in our office, and we are both pleased with them, they block a bit more light out and are not so easy to see through, but we feel happy. They don't look much different from the outside, hubby also changed the roller blinds, these we use when the sun is bright and they defuse the brightness. Hubby has just started removing everything from the spare bedroom, he is replacing the radiator and decorating, then we will have a new carpet and the new blinds will be put up. The only thing we replaced was the material part of the blinds, which makes us both happy, no plastic waste. The old roller blinds were collected and will live on in another house. 

It's so much nicer having lighter evenings, it does feel warmer as well, I spent an hour outside in the garden on Monday, which is the only dry day this week so far, just a few things done, I did pop some of my ornaments back into the garden, the new season feels so close now. We are looking for new outside slip on shoes, we have a new rug in our sitting room, so we need to stop wearing our slippers outside, I do love the Clarks outlet site, so I'm off to have a look.

Wednesday I popped to Ikea with daughter, I got just a few small items and spent under £20, which was pleasing, daughter got a new toy unit for her house, there are far too many toys, but with 3 children, it's going to be a while before they have less. Molly carried a blue bag around the different levels and had huge fun shopping.

So sad to hear the news of the death of Paul O'Grady, I had never seen him live, but I loved to watch him, I loved his Sunday radio 2 show, and was upset when they took him off air. So many lovely things being said about him, he was a truly nice person, our world will be less without him. 


  1. Blogger is weird for me too. Comments have been published and then disappeared just leaving my response!

  2. I really like the purple yarn and the pocket is such a good idea. I cast on a kind of gilet style thing in Aran wool/acrylic but developed a huge hack in my right thumb which has called a halt to the knitting. Lovely photo of George and Molly with the special lap blankets over them. Catriona

  3. I think blogger is causing most of us problems!!!

    Sweet photograph of George and Molly so lovely to see happy smiling faces.

    Yes, so many have said the same about Paul O'Grady he was a truly nice person and will be missed.

    With the weekend almost here I wish you a good one.

    All the best Jan

  4. I am glad I am not the only one finding posts in spam from years ago. I also have published posts that have disappeared as well. Strange happenings.

    Molly and George look very happy covered in your lap blankets.

    God bless.



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