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Sunday, 12 March 2023

Into the weekend

We popped into TK Max, I love part of the shop, and dislike the clothes areas, they feel too much like a jumble sale, but their household and garden sections can be very interesting. I have been looking for a white tray to pop my 3 white plant pots on, just to keep them tidy on my desk, we found this drawer unit only in green, our office is painted pale green so it blends, reduced to £8, it is perfect for my plants, with extra storage. 
In Wilkinson's I got 4 packs of flowers, I transplanted my pink Peony and I can't see any new growth, so this is a replacement, I got an Astrantia a while ago and wanted a second, I have a white Dicentra so a pink one will be good, I've never grown Mirabilis Jalapa, they do look colourful. I will pot them up and keep them in the greenhouse for a few weeks. These are a brilliant way to get plants, you just have to care for them longer before they bloom. 
I got both the creams daughter suggested for me to use daily, through out the colder months I stopped wearing make-up, but as we are going out more I do try and look a bit decent. I also love this nail polish it's called In the stars, it's iridescent and looks lovely on it's own or over colour. I have already used these and feel good wearing them, I only used a tiny amount so it's very light on my skin. 
I have been doing my cross stitch as much as I can, I am enjoying working again on these designs, I paused the circular design, to fill in the space towards the middle of my work, the small square design is part of a bigger design, I do like it repeated here. I do need to think about what is going in the rest of this space, so I can decide how much more of the circular design I will stitch.  

Here in south Hampshire close to the Solent, we have missed all the snow, it has rained most days and is cold, our home is much warmer with our new windows, we are not turning the heating on so much in the daytime, so whilst the windows were expensive they are already reducing our heating bill. The wind has bent some of our taller daffodil's, which I am going to cut and bring inside, I don't have garden flowers inside as I prefer to see them where they grow.   

The last few days have left me confused, is it Sunday or Monday today, being busy for those few days, have tipped the balance of my life and I'm in the stupid position of not knowing what day it is. We babysat the 3 youngest grandchildren on Friday night, hubby gave daughter and SIL a lift to the restaurant, Molly cried as he left, did not want me, and only became happy again when he returned, I'm OK with that, George always loves and cuddle me, Will was playing minecraft on TV, so he was very happy. Saturday another cold and wet day, we have rain forecast for the next week, so much for me saying the garden needed the rain, happily no snow. I am getting through my book 2020, I am now up to October, and hope to finish uploading and editing by end of April. I will start 2021 in hope to have both books ready for November, when the publisher has their best discounts. 


  1. I like the look of that tinted moisturiser. I have few make up skills and foundation has always been a no no as it just feels like a mask but as I've got older I feel I need something just to even out my skin tone. I am going into town tomorrow so shall do some investigation.

    1. It's super light and I don't have any blobs in my wrinkles, which is a bonus, the cheek tint is good, but you only need the tiniest amount.

  2. Thanks for showing the Boots products-I’m going to look for the tinted moisturiser tomorrow when I am out. Catriona

  3. I feel the same as you about TK Maxx - the clothes section always looks like a giant jumble sale. The garden and homeware section though is much nicer. I like your plant choices, nice colours too.

  4. LOL I often get muddled up as to what day it is. Every day is much the same, and if I didn't have my phone to tell me what the day is I would be totally lost :)

  5. Those Boots products look interesting. I might take a look myself as an SPF is always good. Love the colourful flowers you bought. Should look very cheerful when the weather improves. I also don't like the clothes in TK Maxx. I like the homewares, jewellery, accessories, etc.

  6. I like the look of the four packs of flowers you bought, very colourful.

    Have a good new week.

    All the best Jan

  7. I can't find tinted moisturizer here. I really prefer that to a foundation, and if it has an SPF factor I am in seventh heaven.

    I lose days as well lately. I think in your case it is because you are very busy.

    God bless.

  8. You have been so busy over the last few weeks Marlene. I'm not surprised that you lost track of days. I'm glad the fencing got replaced, it looks great now and will enhance your outdoor space. Let's hope we can start to spend more time outside as the days lengthen and warm up. The pottery class looked a fun, as did the spa day with your daughter.
    Good to catch up. Have a good week.



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