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Friday, 3 March 2023

Whoops, I done it again, twice

I have had my M&S red jacket for over 10 years, probably nearer to 20 years, it looks OK, until you get up close, hubby moans every time I wear it, but I have never found a wool jacket I like, and I have looked every year. So with the sales on again, I looked and found this coat, reduced from £116 to £43, in Oasis sale. I love the collar style, it's a bit longer than I wanted, but it will replace the red jacket. 
I have wanted a duffle coat for years, sadly they are very expensive, this popped up in my search, British made and reduced from £300 to £150, still alot of money, my M&S duffle coat purchased in the sale a couple of years ago is already scruffy. Hubby was delighted to see this as he has a good duffle coat, which he wears often, and encouraged me to get it. I now have 9 different coats, most of them are worn in different seasons, but I think 3 can now go to the clothes recycling bins. 

It's been a very quiet week again, sign group was good, but I only stayed an hour, I drove to daughters to chat together and I got Will from school, mummy went to parents evening later and came home with a huge smile on her face, well done Will. I enjoyed my Thursday Pilates class, the rest of the time was at home, the wind outside is bitter, we have blue skies and it's bloody cold. Today we are having the fence panels replaced, I just hope next door is quiet until the men have finished, I am a bit nervous.

An expensive start to March, but this cold snap is lingering, and getting colder next week, as I often say March is a winter month, it's come in like a Lion, hope it goes out like a lamb. I do make my clothes last years, coats even longer, so the quality of these purchases should last years. I don't give myself a budget for clothing, I do try not to purchase too much. 

We did watch the film A man called Otto, with Tom Hanks, what a brilliant film, I did not want it to end, hubby enjoyed it as well, I've not read the book yet. 

Thank you all for your kind comments about George, he is like all our grandchildren, the love of our lives, But he is a special little boy, his personality is shining through, he is helpful and caring, But don't you dare move anything around, he likes everything in it's place, just like his Nana. Molly has now caught George up in development, she is talking more than him, hopefully she will help him use words, she is starting to overtake him, which does not matter to us. We are supporting daughter much more as I can see she is starting to struggle with the fact George is not on the same development scale as Molly and Will, this was always going to be a pinch point, up to now George was just a little boy, growing up much more slowly, now his disabilities are showing. 


  1. I like the coats you have chosen. I have quite a selection myself. i hope your neighbour doesn't cause a fuss about the fence panels as they are for her benefit as well. George is a little sweetheart and his brother and sister will help him all they can I'm sure.

  2. Good for your for buying some lovely new coats. It's so important to have a decent coat. Even if you've got casual clothes on underneath, you can venture out and still look smart.I have 5 or 6 I alternate, some just for dog walking, some for work and one for best.

  3. Love the duffle coat, I don't have many coats, I don't like driving in a big coat so most are shorter ones, It has to be really cold for me to put a big coat on.
    Glad you enjoyed A Man Called Otto, you will enjoy the book even more I'm sure.
    It must be hard for your daughter but George has a loving family and I'm sure having a elder brother and a sister will help in his development.
    Have a good weekend, It's gone really cold here again too. x

  4. I like both of your new coats. The duffle coat is tempting as I don't have I warm coat I can wear for walking ... I may be copying you.

    George will have his own set of milestones and him hitting those will be cause for celebration. His brother and sister will help him without even realising they are doing it. xx

  5. I've wanted to have a duffel coat since they came into fashion in my younger days, but we don't have much need for coats here and the expense hasn't been warranted. Your new coat looks nice.
    I'm glad you are there to support your daughter. My niece has a child with severe isssues, and I don't think she (or hubby) could cope like they do if they didn't have family support behind them.

  6. Both your coats look lovely and I always think a wool coat or jacket looks smart. It’s good that you can help your daughter with the children and all have different and special qualities which you value. Wish the weather would warm up a little as I seem to be sewn into my duvet coat which makes me resemble a small plump penguin! Catriona

  7. You chose some lovely coats. I am sure they will last a goodly length of time.

    God bless.



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