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Friday 6 January 2023

I've started......

 WIP, love them or hate them, we all have some.....

Last stitched in 2014, this is a stunning project, the colours are beautiful, but it is stitched in the American style of 1 over 2, which I struggled with, so it got packed away, I keep promising I will finish it one day, I have everything I need, it was a very expensive design and kit, it is storing well. 

Again I've had this over 10 years, a birthday gift from hubby, I did make this harder by stitching all the white sections, it's on a bigger count, so hopefully I will get it done eventually. I'm not ready to give up on this yet. 

I started knitting this last May, it's an old pattern from the 80's, I have done more than shown in this photo, I enjoy knitting, but this one got put down, it's alot of knitting after knitting shawls and socks, which are quick easy finishes, I hope to have this done for this summer. I still love the yarns. 
I have loads of knitted and crochet squares, these are made from left over yarn and small skeins, I make them when I'm in the mood, or I have nothing else to do, it's a long term project. The thinner yarn being used for crochet, and the thicker yarn for knitting, both are 4ply, but not all 4ply are the same thickness. 
I have plenty of fabrics to make a few of these, I made two for Molly for Christmas 2021, and wanted to make more, but whilst I have cut these out in a quality felt, I would like to make some with a stronger fabric, it's a case of getting myself going. 
I have a good stash of fabrics, and would like to make with my sewing machine, but my back problems stopped me using my sewing machine last year, I have decided not to get my machine out this month, rest my back, and hopefully in February, I can get creative again. 

I have loads of stash for my cross stitch, I don't purchase many kits, I prefer to have my own array of silk colours, stored in my work box, show here, there are fabrics in the huge bottom drawer, they are bigger DPI than I use at this moment, most of them gifted to me, but with eyes not a great as they were, at some point I will use them. 

I have less yarn in my stash, most of it 4ply, which I prefer to use, I have a big stock of sock yarn, I do love to knit socks, I have 2 couple of thicker yarns for cardigans for me, it's a case of finding a pattern and starting. 

I do love to be able to look at my various stash's when I am in a creative mood and have what I need to make things, nothing worse than finding you don't have what you need, (it does happen on occasions). I have other crafts and a couple new crafts I would like to try, I have everything to start needle felting, I've just been too busy to make any real start. I have learnt from glass fusion, sometimes it's better to do a couple of courses and come away with something beautiful, rather than purchase everything for use at home and not get to the standard I wanted. 

I have thrown away or passed on started projects which for many reasons, I know I will never finish, I don't believe a craft should be difficult, if I am not enjoying it, then why keep going, I always try and be honest with myself and admit defeat when it's staring me in the face. I do like to have only one project in any craft at a time, I'm not a fan of switching designs, my cross stitch project can only be stitched in daylight, so it's an afternoon project, so I have time for different things in the evening. 

Last year I finished, 5 pairs of socks, 1 knitted shawl, 1 small crochet blanket, 1 medium cross stich design, 1 set of Christmas Advent bags, 1 hexagon sewing machine cover and a cot set and cushions for Molly. 


  1. I have a cupboard(s) full of stuff waiting...just waiting for me to get in the right frame of mind...big sigh! x

  2. Wow, you made a lot of things last year. I agree that it's not worth persevering with some things if you're not enjoying them. Life is too short.

  3. I wish you happy crafting :)

    All the best Jan

  4. I am like you, I love walking into my sewing/craft room and finding just what I need for a new project. I do love your floss cabinet. Gorgeous.

    God bless.

  5. I need to go through and see what I don't want to carry on with, I don't think there is much though because I did it in the summer. I would like to reduce my stash this year rather than adding to it. I have Luna Lapin to make, she has been waiting patiently for quite a while, perhaps 2023 will be her year. I have never heard of stitching one over two as an American way of stitching, I think it's more to do with the count of fabric, 36 count and above is usually too small to take anything above one strand of thread and would look bulky if two were used.



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