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Wednesday, 25 January 2023


We, I do mean me, I looked at the gardening sections whilst recently out, the bulbs are for the old herb bed, now a flower garden, these should fill in the gaps. The solar lights are for the back fence, my other set were electric and plugged into the shed, which has now gone. I am thinking of starting these bulbs in small pots and when they have grown, plant them in gaps, as I can't remember what I planted in the new bed. 

 I have blooms on my Amaryllis, I planted my 3rd bulb, so there should be flowers for a few weeks, the final bulb should give us loads of colour. Every year at this time I look forward to these huge bulbs and their flowers, my house plants don't normally flower, and whilst my silk flowers always look as good as real flowers, it is lovely to watch these grow and open. My 1st bulb has a second flower stalk it's growing nicely, there is a 2nd bud on this flowering bulb, hopefully another bloom, both bulbs are giving 2 flower stalks, are you still with me. 
 I have been working on my 2020 book, on the long dull mornings, I find I can get a few pages done most days, the process is very manual, each photo I publish on my blog has to be saved to my computer before I can import them, the words I can copy and paste, but the page layout for the book is very different to my blog, I have to resize most photo's and work on the text to fit everything on 1 page, I often leave out a second photo on a topic if space is tight.

 The book cost is done by the quality of the materials used in publishing and the number of pages, in 2020 I had 195 post/ pages, most years I have about 20 extra pages, photo below shows the working page of the book and part of the same blog post. 

It's cold and frosty, no snow here, just heavy frost most mornings, so to go anywhere outside is a quick dash, when I am not crafting or reading, I am watching the garden, this time of year is always full of hope and plans. I purchase bulbs for summer flowers, I watch spring bulbs planted last year start to grow. I often read, to plant a seed is to believe in tomorrow, to plant a tree it's often said it's planted for the next generation, so a life of hope is good. We watch grandchildren grow from babies, to toddlers, to school children and become young adults, watching our own children become parents, wanting to suggest things, but knowing it's done differently than our ways, so much hope for future lives. So even if you are just planning for tomorrow, or for years ahead, have hope, plan but don't forget to enjoy today as well.

One of my favourite things to do this time of year is to look back on my blog, so my printed books are brilliant, I also look back at my summer garden and plants, in hope the warmer weather will get here and I can start being outside, where I feel the benefits of sunshine and the peace from our garden. 

Hope should be in our world, watching and waiting is a good thing, we don't need everything sorted in an instance, all our lives we have saved for things, we still do, anticipation is a good thing, I enjoy the time planning as much as doing and makes the finished thing so much better. I read so many blogs, where the author is planning and sorting, saving for that one thing they want most, they wait and enjoy the time lived whilst hoping for their final goal. 


  1. Your Amaryllis looks lovely ...

    Hope is a good word ...

    All the best Jan

  2. I have two flower stalks on my amaryllis for the first time this year. I planted it a bit late, so it hasn't flowered yet.

  3. The Amaryllis has such lovely flowers in all sorts of colours.

    God bless.

  4. I don't think I've ever had a white amaryllis, isn't it beautiful.



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