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Tuesday 31 January 2023

January round up

I did say I would not spend on crafts and I stuck to it this month, I have been using things from my stash, I sold my microwave kiln, so a credit was added to my stash list. I have made some purchases for the garden. I did give away loads of fabrics from my stash, it felt good to pass on good fabrics I won't use. I purchased Christmas cards and gift bags all reduced for later this year. I also got another buch of fake tulips to add to the 2 bunches I have. It's the cheapest January ever, even without the credit it still cheapest for years, I am happy with the savings, but happier with using my stash. 

We have been eating out of the freezer and store cupboard for a month, we have not been for a big supermarket shop since before Christmas, using the stuff we already have in the house. We did need to shop for cat food and other stuff, cleaning items ect,  we always get cat food in bulk, when on special, we have 3 months supply for both cats. It wasn't about saving money but using some of the things we have had for ages and not walking to the village and spending in local shops on things we did not need. 

My steps are still lower than I would like, but again the weather is not great, we can often get out for one walk a day, my weight is as I expected, I would like to be lighter, but it's always a struggle, I'm lighter than last year. 

Normally January is a dull gloomy month, but this year I have felt brighter, I did not feel gloomy after taking down the Christmas decorations, even through the early days so full of storms and rain, I felt good, and these wonderful sunshine cold days are making me feel productive with my crafts. 

A brilliant start to this year


  1. You have had a great start to the year and sound very happy and positive 👍 What a lovely post 😊

  2. I love that you have 3 months supply for the cats. That is my priority, I like to make sure I have lots of food for them all.

  3. Well done for spending so little this month. I'm starting to feel a bit better now the weather is a bit brighter. I'm looking forward to February.

  4. It's hard not to spend on craft supplies when there are so many temptations, good for you for not giving in. I'm trying to use what I have this year too and going to try hard not to add too much to my stash.

  5. WintersEndRambler31 January 2023 at 20:05

    Well done on such a promising start to the year!



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