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Wednesday, 4 January 2023

What's growing

Of all the plants in our garden, these violets have me worried, after the cold snap they do look sick, I have these are grown from cuttings I took and I've spread them around this section. I have everything crossed they come back again. I have more in a long pot, which look just as sick, but as they grow in the wild locally, I am hopeful. 
My pots and raised beds have loads of spring bulbs in green leaf, the warmer temperatures after the cold weather has fooled them into thinking it's spring, there are leaves in my flower beds as well. As much as it is lovely to see so much green, it is the wrong time of the year. 
It's not just the bulbs, lots of fruiting shrubs are showing signs of new growth.
Even my Acer planted in the ground has tiny buds forming, nature is out of her cycle this year, most will just die back and not harm the plants, our coldest months here are the first 3 months of each new year. 
Inside on my desk I have a lovely display here, there is a radiator under the top and the huge window gives light, the Chinese money plant is a re-potted baby, my succulent on the window sill is about to flower, and my Albuca Spiralis Frizzle Sizzle is still throwing up new shoots, I have cut back a few of the longer stems as the do curl over and flop. My man's 'brain' doesn't grow very quickly, but I do love him. 

I don't do much gardening at this time of year, we are still picking up leaves which blow into the garden, normally I am planning what needs to be done when in the winter months I can see the structure of the garden, this year I don't have any plans, it's a case of wait and see what I have lost and what is growing. Most of last summer we were both pleased with the garden, we had colour for months and loads of birds and insects, I am an organic gardener, I don't use sprays at all, I also don't dig unless I am moving plants, each year about October I mulch the garden, which feeds and protects the plants. 

Our space behind the garage after removing the shed is working very well, it's a working space, but can't be seen from the house and most of the garden. Being in the garage for my shed space is also working well, I'm not taking hubby's space, my stuff is along one wall, it's much better for me, the space inside the shed was very tight. 

Both black bins full of shredded leaves are water tight and nature is working towards making mulch, the compost bin is full of worms and there should be loads of compost in the spring, I use a 'Hotbin' which is sealed and looks good, it also makes compost much quicker and it's a small size. I have checked how much compost I purchased last year, whilst I'm self sufficient in mulch, I think I will still need to purchase compost, but it will still save me money, the cost of the garden bin collection has gone up again this year, opting out of that scheme and using my own garden waste for compost, even with purchasing more compost, it's still a saving. Hubby did suggest I got a second Hotbin, which would give me enough compost, but I don't have enough garden waste to fill 2.

All the water butts are full, I have been draining water from them when nights are freezing, ensuring there is no water in the down pipes, and enough space in the buts to allow the frozen water to expand and not have anything split. 

I am itching to get outside, but it is pointless, our garden is too small to have space for summer and winter colour, so I sit and watch the birds and the relentless rain, and dream.


  1. I think the hard frosts and cold spell in December has got at our spring rhododendron so there will possibly be no flowers this year which is a shame. The mahonia which was looking magnificent in flower also got hit and is now recovering. I can't see any life where the bulbs are planted but then we are quite high up and just below the moors. our violets come and go and pop up in unexpected places. We just have two wooden compost bins with lids that DH made years ago - one to fill whilst one is composting ready for the spring - I put all my empty compost sacks on top of the filled heap and they insulate it quite well. We are very tight too on room for all those items you don't want on display but somehow manage to squeeze a lot in behind our shed out of view.

  2. Thank goodness you have birds to watch out your window to cheer up the days :)

  3. We still have lots of leaves around the garden, I did a tidy up when it was dry one day last week, I could do with getting out again but its too wet at the moment. I noticed some bulbs pushing through and I have a one flower on my camellia, don't think I've seen that in January before

  4. It's always enjoyable to take time out and sit and watch the garden birds.

    All the best Jan

  5. Our garden is under about 3 feet of snow, still nicely covered until the spring thaw. I do hope your violets come back.

    God bless.

  6. Fingers crossed for your violets. I love watching the birds in the garden, there didn't seem to be many visitors when we first moved here but we've offered different food and we get quite a few different birds coming now. We had a sparrowhawk having his dinner in the garden on Christmas Day which scared the birds away but they're back again now.



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