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Friday 20 January 2023

Oh no

I finished knitting this jumper in February 2021, it's a really warm jumper, so only worn 2 maybe 3 months each year, so how disappointed am I, I noticed this hole when wearing it this week, I did not catch the jumper on anything and it's not where I join the different colours, it was OK when I put it on, the hole is in the front, so I would have noticed it. The yarn was a good quality, I am thinking about unpicking it and reusing the yarn. 
Chatting to a lady I know, she gave me a few tips on how to keep a circular crochet base flat, it took me a couple goes, but I was pleased this was attempt, BUT I've unpicked it as it could still be better. I will try again this evening, I going to find an online instruction to help me. I would like to crochet things other than blankets, even in this cold weather, there are only so many blankets you require. I'm happy to work at this and improve, who knows I make make something useful. 
Youngest daughter gave me 2 books to read, I enjoyed the plot, it's a modern twist, looking back over a period of time when you think you know someone, but is he a monster, the courts say yes, but is he? Now years later he wants you to visit him in prison, because he is dying, is he? will I go. Book 4 read this year.
Not the best photo, but I have started sketching my January section of the wheel, I have put the flight of Cosmic girl, even though it was not a success, it did take to the skies. My hexagon flowers and cross stitch had to have a place, I will record my average steps each month, and a book with how many I read that month as well. An Amaryllis bulb should feature as they are present in our home this month. There is still space for the rest of the month, I will add some weather icons. Once I have the completed section, I will use my light box to transfer onto the canvas to sew. 

Wednesday I popped to youngest daughters house, we had planned to visit Gunwharf Quays, on the waterfront in Portsmouth, but both agreed it was probably better to leave the visit to warmer times. Will was at school, George at Nursery, so just Molly at home, at lunch time we drove to a local village centre with a artisan cafĂ© for lunch,  Molly ate more of my lunch than hers, which is OK with me, it was lovely to spend quality time together, after lunch Molly went for her nap, daughter was tired, so I left her to rest and came home a bit earlier. The rest of the day was crafting at home, and reading in the evening.

Thursday, was another cold day, still no snow just loads of frost, it was a busier day, we had a man come to measure our windows again, and check all the details for the renewal of both front huge windows, they are now ordered and we are waiting for an installation date. Later I popped again to daughters, I did the bedtime routine for George and Molly, daughter took Will back to school for a reading experience. 

Hubby found our local arts centre does a monthly induction class for pottery, and has booked us both for a session, it's not to March, but something to look forward to, we are hoping to have an activity day once a month together, hoping to use local people. Trying to get out more and do new things, I suggested pottery as we both love the pottery throwdown on TV, I am hoping hubby suggest a few things, but I have a couple more which should work for the both of us. 

Somerset has been in the news twice this week, the bus overturned, just outside of my childhood village, none of my family were involved, my younger brother works at Hinkley Point at station 2, the workers on the bus were going to an early shift at station 3, the village was cut off most of the day. The Somerset flats around Glastonbury are again under water, it was flooded for weeks 9 years ago, my niece still lives on the edge, they are again moving everything up to their bedrooms, last time they were lucky and the water missed their home, this time the water is rising faster, we watch and hope all the homes stay safe. 


  1. I had to smile at your jumper with the hole as my knitting often ends up looking like that - my mum used to call my knitting knit one drop one! I am getting better though! Hope you can solve the problem. Such dreadful things happening up and down the country - stay safe.

  2. The flooding sounds worrying for your neice. I hope that the water doesn't reach her house. Glad your family weren't involved in the bus crash too. Good luck with the pottery class, sounds like fun. I need to get out and do new things too.

  3. Oh too bad about the sweater but could an invisible mend not fix it? If you do figure out how to keep the bottom flat on crochet baskets I would love to learn it too. Hopefully flood management is working for your family, here in the Netherlands we have a lot of respect for water and spend a lot of money keeping us safe (although not always without issues).

  4. Glad your brother wasn't involved, Marlene. The part of the road where the bus overturned has been flooding and then icing up for years, certainly ever since we've lived here. As always though, it takes a serious accident before something gets done. Same with the Levels, flooded for years, the same poor farmer on the news yet again asking why the flood defences haven't been put in operation before now. Pity about your jumper, after all the work to make it. Hope you can either fix it or reuse the yarn.

    1. There is a gate to a field on the left as you go up the hill, water always pours from there, it was the same when I was a child, our school bus had to be careful when driving that stretch of road. The levels was always a flood plain, but every so often it's gets to bad, our rain fall patterns have changed and to prolonged stormy days are always an issue.

  5. WintersEndRambler20 January 2023 at 15:58

    What an absolute bother about your lovely jumper...but very good that your family stayed safe.

  6. There has been quite a lot of flooding this year and it's only the 20th of January! Hoping your family stay safe.

    All the best Jan

  7. I have often taken apart knitted items when they developed a hole. Wonder what caused yours.

    I can't wait to see your January section of this years wheel.

    God bless.

  8. I read somewhere about mending holes in knitwear by darning a design over the hole. Maybe you could Google it? It seems a shame to unravel it all. It's a lovely colour.
    The flooding in Somerset looks awful. I hope your family stay safe

  9. There are lots of help on youtube to fix your knitting, it would be a shame to rip it all out. I'd love to have a go at pottery but haven't seen anything like that near us, do let us know how you get on.



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