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Saturday, 7 January 2023

Crafting on gloomy days

I've decided there are now enough squares in this design, it's taken from a cushion I stitched back in 2010, it was a project I made whilst having breast cancer treatment, I was so pleased to have something to do, which would not take too much energy. The smaller cushion design is also on this project. I do love the blue flower, I chose the colour so it would stand out against all the pinks and reds. 
I am almost at the half way stage, in to bottom left corner is an orange marker which is the mid point, soon I will have to put the bigger side bars on, but first I would like to stitch a bit lower on the left side, once the bigger side bars are being used, working in the top half makes it not so easy to hold. I am very happy with the design so far, I have a few new designs for the bottom, and I want to add more lacy ones to balance top and bottom. 
I am doing some hexagon stitching most days, it's relaxing and I don't need much at hand, they stich quickly and never get too big to hold, a perfect craft for me. The top six are leftover from my sewing machine cover, these are random mixes, so I'm not sure if I will use them. The bottom right are two flowers using the same fabric, but with different centres, I love how the choice of fabrics together can change how the pattern looks. 
In the spirt of using what I have, I have been watching video's of people using their scraps of fabric, and like any other sewer, I have loads, I don't like to throw away my bigger scraps. With the theme of patching things, my cross stitch above and my hexagons, I am wanting to try Foundation Paper Pieces, it's a method of patchwork using a paper template, I'm no where near making a quilt, but maybe a bag with a nice front and back or a cushion, I do love this mariners compass design, it made with 2 templates sewn four times each and then sewn together. I might start with a freehand sewing piece, just to see how it works. 
I'm not reading much at the moment, I'm not worried as I am a book worm and reading always comes back to me. I still have loads of books here, and as I have not seen the sign ladies for weeks, I can almost guarantee there will be books to read from them, I have a pile to swap. I read 84 books last year, an average of 7 books a month, this year I will try for 8 books a month. I do have a sore finger from the hand sewing, so I think I will need a couple days away from the hexagon project, to allow my finger to heal. 

I have had a couple more test done with the doctor's, just waiting for the results, I have signed for a Clinical Pilates class, it local to where I live and the lady running it is a NHS clinical physiotherapy support therapist, which should help my back issues, 1st class went well. I am walking more, it's difficult with all the rain we are having, it's hard to quickly pop out, when you need so many outside layers, but that's me making excuses. 

Nothing much is happening here, sadly our local bakery has not re-opened after the Christmas break, the owner is ill and can't keep going, they have been trying to sell the business for a few years, it will be the only empty shop in the village. 

Our family are all well, grandsons have all gone back to school and college, Molly and George have their days at nursery. Things are returning to normal life, we are getting a couple of quotes to replace our front huge windows, they were not done when the rest was done, one window has blown, it was always our plan to have these last 2 done, hopefully the cost won't be too high. 


  1. We made two quilts with paper foundations, stitching strips at an angle across the paper square and then ripping the paper off, very satisfying and they came out beautiful, I gave one to my Grandson.
    The cross stitch is just beautiful.

  2. Everything Christmassy packed away here. I have no excuse not to get knitting or out walking but I have post festive sloth probably caused by too much eating.

  3. I can't seem to get my crafting mojo back after the Christmas break despite having a lovely chunky jumper to knit. I've only finished the back but it's still so dark during the daytime and I don't really want to put the lights on. I'm reading Landlines by Raynor Winn, my current library book, instead.
    Your craft work is lovely.

  4. I too get sore fingers from paper piecing. I'm going to buy myself a rubber thimble to use so I don't prick my finger quite so often.

  5. I always like it when things get 'back to normal' after the Christmas and New Year.

    It will be nice to get some drier days, we've had a lot of rain.

    Enjoy your weekend.

    All the best Jan

  6. I hope we get dryer days soon, I don't like rain at all. I took all my decorations down on Friday so it feels like things are now back to normal here.

  7. I am finding myself making excuses as well about walking. I need to step it up. I started with 15 minutes last week and today I did 20. Hoping to get that up without huffing and puffing very soon.

    Still love that stitching and your hexagons are lovely.

    God bless.



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