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Sunday 22 January 2023

It's done

I've worked on this project over the past few days and nothing else, I needed to sort this left side, after finishing the box outlines, I could then see how much space I had, I wanted to have a nice neat line and decided to do half of the design, it fitted in well, I stitched the navy, pale blue and yellow design down to fill any gaps. Then because I love the design I stitched the boat in the top box, I have the sea to stitch below and there should be a sampler ABC above, but I have an idea.
Hubby was bored on Friday, so he made garlic and rosemary focaccia, he forgot to allow a second rise, so it is a bit flat, but it did not take away from the taste, next time we go shopping we will get sundried tomatoes and olives, he is going to make this again. We both loved it, but he will split the mixture to allow me to add cheese to one, which he does not eat.
The photo of the garden was taken a 3pm on Friday, still lovely blue skies, looks nice but bitterly cold, we popped some washing one the line, did not dry, but smelt much better for being out in the fresh air. I'm thinking more and more about the garden, it's still too early, hopefully the spring bulbs will make a show and keep me happy for longer. I'm always the same at this time of year, but I have learnt to wait. 
Grace spends most of the day sleeping in her basket and most of the evenings sleeping on my lap, she is 18 years old in a few months, still very well, just looking older, Purdy is in her basket, she was outside in the garden for ages, checking every space to ensure all is well, Purdy is a female cat, without any internal female organs, but she shows behaviour of a male cat, and our garden is her patch. Purdy is very protective of Grace outside, inside they do occasionally hiss at each other, getting too close in their personal space, they mix which basket they will sleep in without a problem.  

We were home most of Friday, just a quick pop out to The Range for more cat food, the brand we wanted was cheaper there, I have always loved a wander around the store, but this time it was a messy and hard to understand layout, they now have an Iceland section. We looked at the reduced Christmas items, just in case they had something special, but I got frustrated as some items were not in the sale and others had 50% or 75% off, badly signed and difficult to work out. In the craft section none of the Christmas stuff was reduced, it felt expensive in there, we got the cat food and left. We have been going to Home Bargains more and the prices there are much cheaper, it's a shame with The Range, because the store always have departments to suit my hobbies. 

Saturday, was a cleaning day, we need to stay in because the fruit and veg man  delivered an order, they contacted us to see if we wanted anything, so hubby placed an order, their son has a stall for fruit and veg on a Friday in a village local to daughters house, so next week we will pop there and use him until mum and dad are back in Fareham on a Monday. 

Today another day at home, I can always find plenty to do, hubby does get bored, he does read loads, more than me. This evening TV is always fun, we both enjoy watching Pottery throw-down, and Happy Valley. We watch Call the Midwife on catch up on a Monday evening. At least it's dry and we can go for a walk. 


  1. Your cat Grace is living to a very good age. It's sweet that Purdy is protective of her in the garden. In the shop where I work people get very frustrated at things not being clearly signed. It happens a lot in the sale. Luckily the sale ends today, so there will be less confusion, but it will still happen.

  2. I love seeing each new section of your stitching project as it grows. Grace and Purdy are good companions for each other even if they have a little personal space falling out at times .

  3. Despite being a little flat your garlic and rosemary focaccia looks good, and I'm sure it tasted great :)

    All the best Jan

  4. The focaccia looks wonderful. As does your stitching. Love the ship.

    God bless.



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