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Monday 11 July 2022

Blooming lovely.

The garden is looking good,
full of colour and for once nothing to do. 

My Gladiolas in the pots by the bench are forming flowers

Outside the greenhouse is much better with just these 2 pots. 

This side bed is just stunning. 
It is really pleasing to sit in the shade and look at the garden, it's full of birds, butterflies and bees, so much wildlife to watch. Which is good for me, Covid, visitors and a heatwave is left me exhausted, I have no energy, and no appetite, I can't taste or smell, which leaves me not wanting to eat, the bugs whilst I'm showing negative are lingering. Tennis has been brilliant to watch, it's easy and takes no effort, I can't even be bothered to read, hopefully today I can find some energy, the house needs sorting. 


  1. Your garden is looking magnificent Marlene. It's good that nothing needs doing and you can just relax and enjoy it. That's how it should be sometimes.

  2. Your garden is looking beautiful. Sorry you are still feeling tired, my taste and smell came back gradually over a month or so, it's very strange isn't it? Hope you feel more like yourself soon.

  3. Sorry you have those lingering symptoms of Covid, when I had it I thought everything tasted nasty rather than having no taste at all. I hope you feel better soon and do enjoy sitting out in the sunshine enjoying your beautiful garden.

  4. Glad that covid is on the way out for you and your family and wish the tiredness goes quickly as well. Sitting in your lovely garden must be a real pleasure ,it looks so lovely.

  5. Your garden is looking fabulous. I'm sorry you're still feeling the effects of covid. My immediate family have managed to avoid it right through the pandemic until now, we think Jasmine had it while she and Daniel were in America, though she didn't test so she doesn't know for sure, Daniel had it last week and Eleanor and Jacob have it at the moment. I'm hoping that Mick and I can stay germ free.

  6. Your garden is so pretty. I hope your strength soon returns - in the meantime, don't overdo it. Take time to enjoy just sitting and watching all that wildlife and soaking up the beauty that is your garden.

  7. Your garden looks absolutely stunning, Marlene, there's no reason not to just relax and enjoy it. The housework can wait. Hope you get your energy back soon.

  8. Just amazing, what a lovely space to while away an hour or three. Sorry that Covid effects are hanging on. Hopefully you will be much better very soon.

    God bless.

  9. Oh ! Poor Poppy You ! It sounds like it's on the turn now . Take it slowly , you still need to rest and recover . Just put your feet up ,sit in the shade and enjoy your beautiful garden .

  10. Your garden is looking beautiful, I hope you get to feeling more your self soon.



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