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Saturday, 16 July 2022

Time for sewing.

 I purchased the Robin fabric as a lining material, this is lovely and wide and will wrap around my sewing machine to make a cover. The gardening fabric, I got a metre just because I love the design, probably will use it on animal clothes, it's just so pretty. 

I just wrapped the fabric around the sewing machine hard cover, pinned the top to shape, and then cut away excess, allowing an overlap on one side, and a flap on the top, later I will cut out the hole for access to the handle. It's the wrong way as it's the lining, I will add some soft wadding and then the top cover. I will use some brightly coloured binding to hold all levels together.
I have a big piece of hexagons sewn together, and some smaller flowers, I am going to make more flowers and add to bigger piece, I need them made into one bigger piece. In my boxes I have over 800 hexagons already sewn, so I'm just busy with making flowers, it's relaxing sat outside in the shade sewing. 

I have finished another book, I do love this author, the story is set in Spain, a British policeman sent to collect a criminal, who escapes before he's collected, working with Spanish local police, another good read. Book 57 this year. 
I really do not know why this project has not been worked on, I love sewing the flowers together, making random designs, I do have so many crafts I love, but sewing in all forms are top of the list. I aim to work on this until its finished, my sewing machine has a hard cover, but will look much nicer with a pretty patchwork cover. I won't use all my hexagons, so I will have to think of another project. 

How are you getting on in this heat wave, we are not too bad, the house is cool, we have shade in the garden, we get up early and do most jobs before the heat of the day. Strangely we are not suffering from smells coming from next door, normally at this time of year we have to keep windows shut, to keep the house clear, we are enjoying the extra freedom, we still suffer from huge numbers of flies, but hubby has that covered, so it does not feel too bad. 

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  1. It's a great idea to make a soft cover for your sewing machine and I love what you are making there with patchwork , it is so pretty . Mine has a hard cover too and I often think how noisy it is , such a clatter as I get my machine out !



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