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Saturday, 23 July 2022

Keeping busy

I got this book from a local charity shop a few weeks ago, I have not read this author before, I did enjoy the story line, very simple, was the death of a friend staged 6 years ago, is he still alive, it flowed, twist and turned, I did guess a few of the turns, the plot kept me interested until the very end. I would happily read another of his books, book 59 read this year.

I have read most of Lingwood Barclay books, so I was pleased to find this one at local library. I love how his storylines are always so very different, just changing the angle completely changes to story being told, could you believe your wife would get into a car drunk, he is very good at twisting stories together, this was just brilliant and the twist at the end I did not see coming. Book 60 read this year.


Another grandson finishing his first year at school, Will has grown so much, not just in height, he has loved every bit of school from learning to making new friends, he is happily looking forward to his new class and teacher. 
I've not looked at our 'too good to go' scheme for a while, it got very popular and was always sold out at the BP garage with M&S food store. They now have loads of other local shops including our local Co-op, so I am going to start checking regularly again. 
I have been stitching small flowers, just 7 hexagons, but decided I wanted something different for the centre front of my cover, so I made this bigger design, I kept it simple, hopefully it will stand out from the other hexagons which are brighter and more colourful. 

I will get out the lining (made in robin material) and start to measure how many smaller flowers I will need. I have purchased some interfacing to iron onto the back of the hexagons, just to add strength, I don't have a quilting foot for my sewing machine, so the extra strength will help. I have got some pale lilac tape to bind the edges, it should all work together. I am feeling very positive about this project, determined to get it done, I am loving the hand stitching of the hexagons, I have hand stitched every stage of this project.

The rain on Friday morning was lovely, but no where near enough, it did save me having to water later, I had loads of dead heading to do. I also dug out the big cucumber in the greenhouse, the heat had killed it off, I do have a second smaller plant with loads of tiny cucumbers on. It felt much cooler all day, I was inside most of the time sewing, I had the best nights sleep in days.

I've had a late lazy start to today, hubby is out most of the day, so I've plenty of time to do just as I wish. Few plans, hour in the garden, Sewing and reading, just a peaceful day with both cats. 


  1. It rained heavily here yesterday afternoon, I was out walking the dog when it started but not complaining as the ground needs it, the grass is looking so scorched everywhere. Children grow up so quickly don't they.

  2. Will looks so happy and confident at the end of his first year of school. Lovely to see.

  3. We had heavy rain as well but like you say, not enough. Hopefully there will be some more today.

    I hope you enjoy your day x

  4. Will looks very happy and pleased to have finished the school year.

    Love your hexies.

    God bless.

  5. Yes , I'm also sleeping better now it has turned cooler. Lucky you had a spare Cucumber plant . Mine have definitely slowed down in production of fruit .

  6. Lovely photographs of Will, the school year seems to have flown by.

    All the best Jan



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