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Sunday 22 September 2019

It's a finish

I started stitching these french knots in July, you can find my post here, so it has taken about 2 months, which I feel is quick, I enjoyed stitching each dot, they were small enough to finish each one quickly, and I just loved the colours.
This is an important view, my mum always said the back was always as important as the front, loads of neat little dots. I drew around one of our huge dinner plates and have ensured all the raised stitching is on the inside of the circle, this was always going to be made into a top flap for closing my bag, just like a satchel. Now to choose the second fabric to go with this, something plain and simple to show off the dots, I have decided how to make it up.
I had planned to get this all made up by now, but a little visitor changed plans, mummy and Will popped in on Friday for a quick visit, but Will wanted to stay, so not much was done. Saturday we got a message from mummy, Will wants to come and play, please will you have him, we can then build all the nursery furniture for the new baby, so another day when little was done. Both visits were spent in the garden, Will loves to be outside, so my tiny plot is looking tidy and bulbs were planted, but the sewing machine was packed away.


  1. Lovely, Marlene, and beautiful colours. You must have so much patience to do such fine work. Looking forward to seeing the completed bag.

  2. It sounds like a great way to spend the weekend. Can't wait to see what this bag looks like when it's done.

  3. Oh Marlene its great, have I missed where you said what it's going to be? Cushion cover? It's really lovely and very neat nevertheless.

  4. I've followed your progress on this bag and I'm looking forward to seeing it finished. I'm sure Will was so happy spending time with you. I fondly remember spending weekends with my Nanna Jones. Best, Jane x

  5. Love the colours - can't wait to see the finished article.

  6. It's lovely, I love the mix of colours you've used.

    All the best Jan



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