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Saturday 31 July 2021

July roundup


Not the best of months for spending, £80 on my arbour for my fruit bushes, it does look much better than a fruit cage, and buying 2nd hand got me a sturdy one. Purchased yarn, making blankets for grand children is not cheap, the cotton yarn is better. I do still have a good stash of yarn for projects later this year. 

This day is such an important day to record, our planet can only provide us with so much renewable produce, it's different than climate change, but just as important, it's part of the reason we make our choices in our life styles. Last year because of lockdown overshoot day was in August, which proves we can change outcomes, if we understand why we need to. 
This image is so true, after my huge sort out, I removed the biggest pile of clothes from my wardrobe, but still have enough to last me years. My low spend on clothes is in its 4th year, and going well. 

My new composter has finally raised it's inside temperature to the required levels, we are popping all our kitchen waste, along side garden waste in it. We do not add cooked items (which can be added), we are now so good with our portions sizes, we have no cooked waste. I purchased a small lidded plastic jug, we pop peelings, coffee dregs and tea bags and any other composting bits in from the kitchen and clean it every evening after our meal, it is working well for us. Even the dust from my Dyson goes in the composter. 

We have had a new floor fitted in the down stairs bathroom, our slate tiles had cracked, we now have cushion floor vinyl, it's much warmer than the slate, nothing else is changed but it does look much better. We have no plans for the house until next year, everything is looking good. 

We have not required any clothes, hubby was a superstar, I have an old pair of sandals which are scruffy, but look not so bad once I am wearing them, they are just so comfortable, the rubber sole had separated and was flapping, I asked him to glue it, and he did, I was expecting him to insist I throw them away. They should last this summer now, I think I might shed a tear when they do go in the bin. 

Our daily steps are much higher, we are walking more, and working in the garden is very good for my health, I do have to be careful with my back, as I often get twinges. I am eating less chocolate and eating more salads, not perfect but getting better. Sadly some days just need chocolater to see me through. 


  1. You do so well with all the sustainable and compostable stuff, puts me to shame. We are getting better at reusing though.

    1. Sue, it's not about everyone being perfect, it's all about us doing what we can, I started years ago and have built to my level, which is probably not enough, but its better than nothing.

  2. I think it's best to spend a bit more on something more sturdy which will last, you got a good bargain buying second hand too.

  3. I've been wearing the same pairs of sandals for about 3 years, they are comfy and i don't like shoe shopping, (or clothes shopping for that matter). I need too have another sort out of clothes I hang on to far too many, some don't even fit anymore!

  4. Sounds as though you're doing really well, love the glued sole on your sandals, but if they're comfy, why throw them out.. We are struggling here with just grass and a hedge having left a beautiful garden in Suffolk and I'm not sleeping well so not doing much in the daytime as I'm so tired. But I'll keep trying.

    1. A new house and garden will always test you, its taken 11 years to get our garden to a 'finished' look, I've loved it for years, but this year its as I want it. I'm sleeping so much, the heat has worn me out.

  5. Good for you on the closet clean out. Each year a few more items leave mine. Some I donate, some are turned into cleaning rags and some are used for quilts.

    God bless.



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